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Tenant Application Basics

Once you invite them to apply, the renter starts the tenant application by selecting whether they are applying to the rental unit as a tenant or co-signing for someone else. Then they move to the first section of the rental application where they provide basic contact information including:

RESIDENCE HISTORY & Landlord references

See a Potential Tenant's Rental History

During this part of the online application, the applicant provides their housing history, including past addresses and the contact information for previous landlords. There are options to elaborate on their current living situation and explain why they are interested in moving. Questions include:

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Rental Application Templates

Customize and Send an Online Rental Application

Our online rental applications will help you streamline your entire property management process. Pre-screen your leads, invite them to apply via text or email, and easily screen them without requiring a social security number. All in one place, all online, from any device. 

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Standard Rental Application Forms

Download a Printable Rental Application Form PDF

Rental application Forms help landlords better evaluate tenants. This downloadable rental application PDF template shows you the questions that every rental application should ask. We also recommend screening tenants with thorough credit reports, criminal background checks, and eviction reports.


Show Me the Money

In this section of the rental application, the applicant provides their employment information and income situation including:

When you receive this information in your screening report, we make it easier to know when you need additional proof of income with our Income Insights tool. Premium Plan users can quickly verify applicant-reported income against data from TransUnion. 


Master the Online Rental Application in a Few Short Minutes!

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Rental Applicant Background

The applicant answers a few questions about their preferences including whether or not they have pets, plan to have vehicles at the property, or if they smoke.

The applicant also answers a few standard background information questions making you aware of any criminal history, evictions, and other pertinent real estate history such as foreclosures. 

In this section of the lease application, the potential tenant also has the opportunity to make you aware of any special needs they may have during their tenancy.

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Customize Your Printable Rental Application Form

If you have specific questions you’d like potential renters to answer as part of your screening process, you can add those to your application when you upgrade to our Premium subscription.

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Upload Documents

Verify their Identity and Income

The applicant has the opportunity to upload a photo ID like a driver’s license, pay stubs or another proof of income, personal references, and any other documents you request.

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Tenant Application Forms

Ready for Screening

The renter enters their credit card to pay the screening fee. This fee covers a credit report, background check, and eviction report.

The applicant then sets a password and is given the option to add a short bio and picture so that you can get to know them better prior to move-in. 

At this point, the applicant has successfully created an account and can monitor the status of their online application and screening report, purchase renters insurance, and edit their application info.

Instant Tenant Screening

Rental, Credit, & Criminal History

The applicant approves a credit and background check and verifies their identity immediately after finishing the rental application, so you don’t have to wait days to get back the details of their screening report. It’s available the second you request it.

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Turbotenant pricing

Free Rental Applications for Landlords

Only the renter pays the application screening to cover the credit check, criminal history, and eviction report.


For Landlords

Includes extensive online applications, instant screening reports, and rental marketing.

Landlords Pay

$ 0
  • Includes extensive online applications, instant screening reports, and rental marketing.​

Rental Application FAQs

A residential rental application is a document that a prospective tenant completes and submits to a property owner or property manager when interested in renting that home. The landlord or property manager will then assess the applicant’s information and screen applicants using employment history, a credit report, a criminal background report, and any references before deciding if they may rent the property. If approved, the applicant will be offered a lease agreement.

Using online rental applications improves efficiency and can decrease the amount of time that your property is vacant — a key factor in maximizing the return on your rental property investment.

Additionally, most renters expect the ability to find and apply for rental properties online, and may pass on a listing if that ability is not available. Learn what to look for in an online rental application.

Once a potential tenant completes the online application, you’ll receive an instant screening report that includes an overview of their credit score, criminal background, and eviction history.

Our customizable rental applications collect the industry standard information so you can decide for yourself if the applicant will be a reliable tenant.

You’ll even instantly receive important information like a tenant’s criminal history, eviction records, and a credit report from TransUnion. This gives you the financial history you will need to continue to narrow down renter prospects.

Rental application fees will vary based on the screening report that you choose, as well as any additional administrative fees that may be applicable. Rental application fees are becoming more and more regulated, so it is crucial to understand your state and local fair housing laws to help you determine the right fee for your application process. Find out more about rental application fees.

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 I especially love how easy it makes the application process. No more dealing with paper. They do the dirty work, you get the results you need. Win win! And it doesn’t cost the landlord or property managers a dime.

– Dana M.

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