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Rental applications help landlords evaluate tenants. This template shows you the questions a rental application should ask. We also recommend screening tenants with thorough credit, criminal, and eviction reports.​

Online Rental Application

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TurboTenant’s online rental applications will help you streamline your entire rental process. Pre-screen leads, invite them to apply via text or email and easily screen them. All in one place, all online, from any device. Learn more.


Rental application forms

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Say goodbye to messy handwriting, missing information, and waiting for a paper application in the mail. With a customizable application, you’ll get the info you need to fill your vacancy fast – including automatic reference requests. Our rental application is secure, convenient, and mobile friendly so you can manage your rental property from anywhere.

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Applications have never been easier

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Our customizable rental applications collect the industry standard information so you can decide if the applicant will be a reliable tenant.

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Rental Application Basics

Once you invite them to apply, the renter starts the application by selecting whether they are applying as a tenant or co-signing for someone else. Then they move to the first section of the rental application where they provide basic contact information including:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Emergency Contact
rental application basic information


Master the Online Rental Application in a Few Short Minutes!

online rental application process

Past Addresses & Landlord References

See their Rental History

The applicant provides information about housing history and previous landlords. Our system will send previous landlords an email requesting a reference as well. Once that is received, you will be emailed a notification and the information will be filtered into the leads application. Questions include:

  • Current & Past Addresses
  • Reason for Moving
  • Previous Landlords' Contact Info

 I especially love how easy it makes the application process. No more dealing with paper. They do the dirty work, you get the results you need. Win win! And it doesn’t cost the landlord or property managers a dime.

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rental application income section

Income & Employment

Show Me the Money

On this section of the rental application, the applicant provides information about their current income situation including:

  • Income
  • Current & Past Employers
  • Other Income Sources
  • Current Financial Institution

Pets, Smoking, & More

Rental Applicant Background

The applicant answers a few questions about their living habits & preferences including whether or not an applicant has pets, plans to have vehicles at the property or if they smoke.

The applicant also answers a few standard background questions making you aware of any criminal history, evictions and other pertinent housing histories such as foreclosures. In this section of the rental application, the applicant also has an opportunity to make you aware of any special needs.

rental application background information

ask your own questions

Customize Your Rental Application

If you have specific questions you’d like interested renters to answer, you can add those to the rental application from your settings area.

rental application custom questions

Upload Documents

Verify their Identity, Income, and More

The applicant has the opportunity to upload a photo-ID, proof of income/employment and any other documents you request.

rental application document upload


FREE Rental Applications for Landlords

Only the renter pays the application fee to cover the credit, criminal, and eviction report.

Landlords Pay

$ 0
  • Includes extensive online rental applications, instant screening reports, and rental marketing.

Applicants Pay

$ 35-45 Application Fee
  • Covers the credit report, background check, and eviction history. Eviction history is included with the $45 fee.
rental application final steps


Ready for Screening

The renter enters their credit card to pay for the application fee, $35 or $45 depending on which report type you selected. The fee covers a credit report, background check, and eviction report.

The applicant then sets a password and is given the option to add a short bio and picture so that you can get to know them better. At this point, the applicant has successfully created an account and can monitor the status of their application/screening report, purchase renters insurance and edit their application info.

Instant Tenant Screening

Rental, Credit & Criminal History

The applicant approves a credit and background check and verifies their identity immediately after finishing the rental application. So you don't have to wait days to get back their screening report. It's available the second you request it.

free tenant screening report

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Rental Application FAQs

Why use an online rental application? 

Online rental applications are now the standard operating procedure for landlords and property managers. Regardless if you own one, 50 or 100 properties, taking the rental application process online increases efficiencies and can decrease the amount of time between vacancies-a key factor in maximizing the return on your rental investment. Renters, especially younger generations, live in the digital world. They will find your rental online, and they will want to complete the entire rental application process online, some might even do this all from their mobile phone. 

What are some other benefits of using an online rental application? 

Using an online rental application streamlines the application process. Whether on a desktop or a mobile phone, entering the information is easy and guided. So, you have made it really easy for a prospective tenant to apply, if they skip sections or have information missing, it could potentially be a red flag. On the flip side of that, a rental applicant who completes all sections promptly and follows up with you might be a more serious candidate. This can also aid in the tenant selection process, giving you another data point to work with. 

What additional information should I gather on the rental application? 

After you receive the rental application and have determined that the candidate is serious and you would like to proceed, performing a credit check, background check, and eviction report is your next step. This gives you the financial history you will need to continue to narrow down rental prospects. Getting references from previous landlords is another great data point. TurboTenant automatically sends past landlords who have entered on the rental application an email with a short questionnaire. We will automatically notify you once the reference is received. Learn more about past landlord references

What is on a rental application form?


Rental applications are a vital part of the landlording process. Check out our article on why they are important, what is included on most rental applications, and a great list of FAQs curated from our top landlords. Read now – Rental Application Form

What is the best rent payment option?


Now that you’ve got a great tenant, how will you get their rent from them every month? Online rent payments are now becoming the standard for renters and landlords. It’s convenient and can be set up to automatically transfer. It’s a decision all landlords will have to make, learn more about the best rent payment options.

What should my rental application fee be?


Rental application fees will vary based on the screening report that you choose, as well as any additional administrative fees that may be applicable. Rental application fees are becoming more and more regulated, so it is crucial to understand your state and local laws to help you determine the right fee for your application process. Find out more about rental application fees