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No matter how long you’ve been a landlord, there’s always more to learn.

Our Education team hosts a live webinar at least once a month. Below you can find a listing of the topics we’ve covered, along with a downloadable slide deck and a video of each webinar.

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Play Video about TurboTenant is the easiest way to upgrade your landlord business for free.

Learn how to make the most out of TurboTenant’s all-in-one landlord software with this hands-on webinar!

Led by Samantha Yadav, TurboTenant’s Landlord Experience Specialist, this webinar will give an overview of everything you can do in our platform, including marketing rental listings, screening tenants, creating lease agreements, and collecting rent online.

Play Video about All About Leases webinar

Your tenant can sue you if you fail to follow your lease to the letter – so it pays to know everything you can about this critical contract.

Join the TurboTeam to learn:

  • The components of a residential lease agreement
  • Common (and uncommon) disclosures
  • Unenforceable clauses that could cost you big
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about leases, including what happens if you die
Play Video about Home Warranties: Smart or Scam? Webinar

Appliance failures in your rental can lead to tenant dissatisfaction, not to mention expensive repair and replacement bills.

Could a home warranty service plan help?

Learn all about home warranty plans, including whether or not they’re worthwhile for landlords, with the TurboTeam and Armadillo.

Play Video about Property Taxes and Appeals 101

Property taxes can be a major expense – so it pays to know what they are and how they’re calculated. But did you know that you can appeal your property tax bill?

The TurboTeam will teach you the fundamentals of property taxes and the appeal process with special guests from Ownwell, a professional property tax-appealing service.

Play Video about Tenant Screening from A-Z webinar

Nailing your tenant screening process is the best way to protect your rental property while setting yourself up for long-term success.

The TurboTeam will teach you the tried-and-true strategies experienced landlords use to keep their unit populated with the best tenants, from how to align your process with the Fair Housing Act to shortening your vacancy cycle with the best landlord software around.

Play Video about Emotional support animals: what you need to know webinar

Emotional support animals (ESAs) have been a hot-button topic in the rental industry for years. 

We’ll explain what an ESA is, the national rules regarding ESAs in rental units, and how to protect your business from running afoul of the Fair Housing Act.

Play Video about 10 ways to perfect your rental property taxes and accounting

You can’t afford to put off learning how to better your rental property taxes and accounting systems!

The TurboTeam partnered with Deltrease Hart-Anderson, a landlord and Enrolled Agent (EA), to help you avoid trouble with the IRS.

Play Video about Hard Money Loans: How to Strategically Finance Your Rental Properties

Understanding hard money loans doesn’t have to be hard! The TurboTenant and Kiavi teams will discuss the basics of hard money loans and the benefits of using them before diving into the ins and outs of financing your rental property to maximize your monthly cash flow.

Play Video about Marketing Your Rental in 2022 and Beyond

With all the tools and tech available today, there’s no excuse for posting a bad listing. But if you’re new to marketing or don’t feel comfortable with gizmos and gadgets, you may not even know what you need (and how much it’ll cost).

Learn how to level up your marketing using tools at three price points so that your listings are more effective, no matter how much you have to spend.

Play Video about The Complete Guide to Evictions

No one enjoys the eviction process, but it’s an unfortunate necessity after you’ve exhausted all other options to resolve important issues with your renter. 

This webinar offers landlords the chance to dive deep into the eviction process from a national perspective, complete with interactive case studies from industry experts, Gurpreet “GP” Singh and Brendan Nally.

Play Video about Section 8 Housing: The Process, Pros, and Cons webinar

Section 8 has been around since 1983, and yet most landlords don’t know much about participating in it – let alone the potential benefits for their business.

The TurboTenant team and two industry experts, Gurpreet “GP” Singh and Cory Ruppersberger, outline everything you need to know about this crucial program.


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Play Video about How to Finance Your Next Rental Property Purchase

To purchase property this year, you need to be well-informed on available financing options and understand how to find a lender who aligns with your goals. Luckily, the TurboTenant team and Grayden Guilford are here to help!

Play Video

Are you ready to grow your real estate portfolio? Whether you’ve never purchased property before or manage a rental empire, this webinar has something to teach you about finding your next investment property.

Play Video

Co-hosted with Steadily

Every property owner knows the importance of insurance, but do you know the ins and outs of landlord insurance? In this webinar, we broke down the purpose of landlord insurance, how it can help protect you as you grow your rental business, and why you need it.

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