TurboTenant Onboarding Webinar – March 28, 2023

A TurboTenant Webinar
March 29, 2023

Learn how to make the most out of TurboTenant’s all-in-one landlord software with this hands-on webinar!

Led by Samantha Yadav, TurboTenant’s Landlord Experience Specialist, this webinar will give an overview of everything you can do on our platform, including marketing rental listings, screening tenants, creating lease agreements, and collecting rent online.

Getting Started:

Our journey begins with an empty TurboTenant account, a starting point for every new user. The first step is adding your rental property, a simple and straightforward process. We then dive into creating a compelling property listing, including setting the rental price, deposit, and defining property rules like pet and smoking policies. With TurboTenant, you can easily upload photos, craft engaging descriptions, and publish your listing to various marketing sites.

Managing Leads and Applications:

Once your property is listed, the next stage involves managing leads – potential renters who show interest in your property. TurboTenant simplifies this by providing detailed lead profiles, including pre-screening questionnaires. We walk through reviewing and communicating with leads, emphasizing the importance of understanding their needs and qualifications.

Creating Leases and E-sign Processes:

Creating a lease is a critical step in the rental process. TurboTenant distinguishes between a lease profile and a lease agreement. We guide you through customizing these documents to suit your specific requirements. The e-sign process is also explored, ensuring a legally binding agreement between you and your tenant.

Rent Payments and Tenant Management:

The webinar also covers rent payments, showcasing how TurboTenant simplifies this process. We demonstrate how to set up recurring charges, handle security deposits, and set late fee policies. Additionally, we delve into tenant management, showing how to move applicants to tenant status and manage ongoing tenant relationships.

Tenant Portal Overview:

As a bonus, we take a look at the Tenant Portal. This feature allows tenants to view their lease agreements, make payments, submit maintenance requests, and more. It’s an invaluable tool for enhancing communication and transparency between landlords and tenants.

Setting Rent and Security Deposits:

TurboTenant allows landlords to easily set and adjust rent amounts and security deposits. For instance, you can set a monthly rent of $5,000 and a security deposit of $2,500. This feature is crucial for keeping financials organized, especially for landlords managing multiple properties.

Lease Settings and Tenant Management:

The platform offers flexibility in lease settings, including options for partial payments and auto-pay, facilitating rent collection from roommates or allowing tenants to set up recurring payments. Adding tenants is streamlined as well, as seen with the tenant profile of Monica, illustrating the ease of integrating new renters into the system.

Document Management:

TurboTenant shines in document management. From uploading private documents, like welcome letters, to creating state-specific lease agreements, the platform caters to various landlord needs. These agreements, customizable for each property, are purchasable individually or through a Premium plan, offering unlimited access.

Customizing Lease Agreements:

Landlords can personalize lease agreements, detailing lease specifics, rent deposits, and fees. The software assists in including critical details like pet policies, smoking rules, and parking regulations. Additionally, provisions for children and dependents ensure compliance with school registration requirements.

Electronic Signatures and Legal Compliance:

Sending lease agreements for electronic signatures is streamlined, ensuring a legally binding process. The system also accommodates special scenarios like lease renewals or amendments through lease addendums, priced individually or included in the Premium plan.

Financial Management:

TurboTenant excels in financial management. Landlords can set up recurring charges, manage security deposits, and establish late fee policies. The platform supports various payment methods, enhancing flexibility for both landlords and tenants.


TurboTenant offers a robust solution for rental property management. Its features, from tenant onboarding to financial management, provide landlords with the tools needed for efficient and effective property management. Whether you’re handling a single property or a portfolio of rentals, TurboTenant streamlines the process, making it accessible and manageable.

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