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How the TurboTenant App Advances Long-Term Rental Management

Effectively managing a rental property is a challenging feat. Many landlords use a collection of tools to get the job done, but that requires balancing various systems, logins and data that doesn’t always mesh between platforms. What’s needed is the Swiss Army Knife of rental programs, one that can automate legal paperwork, rent collection, advertising, maintenance requests, and more all in one stop.

Enter TurboTenant. Since 2015, we’ve worked hard to meet the lofty expectations put forth by landlords across the country. Our innovative rental property management platform has helped more than 600,000 landlords self-manage their businesses across all 50 states.

Last August, we took our unique offering further by launching our all-in-one mobile app. With the TurboTenant app, landlords are now equipped with ready-to-go, user-friendly tools for self-managing their rental properties — from anywhere, at any time.

Let’s dive into some awesome features of our new mobile app that help landlords generate leads, screen tenants, create leases and get paid!

Review Rental Applications From Your Phone
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Advertising: Which Option Should You Choose?

Advertising a rental property can be a tumultuous process. Between taking the time to fill out multiple postings on top websites and deciding if print ads are worth your time, landlords often find themselves stressed and scattered when promoting rental property availability. TurboTenant seeks to solve this problem, simplifying the process of finding tenants and expanding the potential viewer base to ensure more eyes see ads. 

In just 10 minutes, landlords using TurboTenant’s advertising feature can fill out property details and distribute high-quality ads to top rental listing sites like,, and more, cutting down on lost time and ensuring no ad gets missed. Through this feature, landlords can expect an average of 28 leads per listing. 

Even better, the app allows users to view and respond to potential tenants as they automatically appear in the app, helping screen tenants and fill vacancies faster than ever before. And for Premium members, landlords can review answers to pre-screening questions directly from the app.  

Tenant Screening: The Most Significant Hurdle

Most independent landlords understand the struggle of thoroughly screening a potential tenant. Between paying for credit checks and deciphering the tenant’s history, there are plenty of opportunities for things to get missed in the initial search. Recognizing this difficulty, TurboTenant offers an easy-to-use solution to get landlords and tenants off on the right foot.

Back to tenant screening, the mobile app offers a customizable screening platform that builds applications tailored to your preferences, allowing you to ask questions about your tenant’s financial, criminal and eviction history — at no additional cost. This system replaces outdated Google forms, paper applications and manual screenings, saving you precious time and increasing your chances of landing an upstanding tenant.

The screening profile offered by TurboTenant instantly provides users with easy-to-read results to help them determine the legitimacy of an applicant. Conducting a thorough financial and background check on an applicant can reveal potential evictions in the past, troubling credit history and even previously-undisclosed criminal activity, which could lead to eviction from your properties. Avoiding the mess of an eviction and building a positive relationship with your client starts with the application process. With TurboTenant, great landlords make great tenants.

Collect Rent on the Run

Collecting rent doesn’t have to be hard. And with TurboTenant’s mobile app, you can create charges directly in the app and view your payments in the dashboard. 

When you tenant pays their rent, an automated push notification gets sent to your device letting you know the good news. 

Because so much of our lives revolves around our phones these days, it makes sense to collect rent payments directly on the screen you pay so much attention to. 

Maintenance Request Management

TurboTenant has partnered with Lula to streamline maintenance management requests from the initial request to actually paying for the repair. 

In terms of what that means for the mobile app, landlords receive push notifications for new requests enabling property owners to stay on top of potentially serious situations. Plus, landlords can send work orders directly from the app, so you’ll have access to a world of professional contractors as soon as you unlock your phone. 

Finally, either before the work starts or after it’s done, landlords can zoom in on photos submitted by tenants to see what needs repair, or they can see a detailed view of work your contractor did. It’s an easy way to get more done. 

Expense Tracking Simplified

Remembering where you put that receipt from the home improvement store, or trying to figure out if your plumber invoiced your personal or work email, makes expense tracking more difficult than it should be. 

With TurboTenant’s mobile expense tracking, landlords gain the ability to track expenses as they occur. Using the app on your phone, you won’t need to run to a computer to upload files. Just take a picture and upload your expense. 

Showing Scheduling Made Easy

Remember who’s coming by to look at a property and at what time requires a high level of organization. Or, you could use the mobile app to quickly access showing scheduling and set your availability. Then, send a link to interested parties. 

Further, if you have a number of people coming to look at different times, it can be difficult to remember who is who. But with our automated reminders, you’ll always know who’s walking through the door. 

Tenant App

One of our newest offerings is our tenant app. With the app, renters communicate with their landlords via the TurboTenant portal. Your tenants will receive push notifications in the same way that they receive text messages — except now their personal life is separated from the business relationship with their landlord.  

Plus, tenants can now create and view maintenance requests from their app. When an issue arises, the tenant can document it and send a request directly to their landlord who receives the notification on the landlord app.  

Everything Landlords Need: All in One Place

The rental property industry is heavily saturated with products offering one or two solutions to the frequent hurdles landlords face. TurboTenant takes self-management further, offering a holistic approach to independent landlords who frequently own only one or two properties.

By putting all of TurboTenant’s offerings directly into the hands of landlords, we are truly simplifying the process of managing a rental property. Our app, which offers the same features as our web-based system, provides the following benefits to landlords:

  • Enhanced rental property visibility.
  • Effortless tenant screening.
  • Centralized rental management efficiency.
  • Streamlined transactions.
  • Centralized maintenance management.
  • Effortless expense tracking.
  • Simplified showing scheduling.
  • Organized tenant communication.
  • Responsive, reliable assistance.
  • Seamless property accounting.

At TurboTenant, we recognize the common challenges landlords face when navigating the oftentimes combative and excessively complex rental process to effectively manage their properties while maintaining tenant satisfaction. To streamline that process from end to end, we built a unique solution that helps landlords at every step of the rental management journey. Whether finding qualified leads, screening tenants, creating leases, collecting rent or otherwise managing your rental property, our app empowers the people managing rental properties to become world-class landlords.

Download the app today!

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