Lease Agreement Audit

Does Your Lease Still Hold Up?

Laws change fast. Stop worrying about compliance and hidden risks in your lease agreements. 

Our free Lease Agreement Audit tool powered by AI analyzes your lease within 15 seconds and is 100% free!

Lease Audit

AI Powered for Confident Landlords

Our Lease Agreement Audit AI analyzes lease agreements for your property. Simply select your state, upload your lease, and our AI tool scans it for compliance with various legal categories. 

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UI AI lease analysis tool
Mobile Ui of AI audit tool

AI Lease Agreement Analysis

Detect Risks Before They Become Problems

It can feel impossible for even seasoned landlords to keep up with ongoing legal changes. Ensuring your lease is compliant and up to date is one of the best ways to protect yourself. 

Our Lease Agreement Audit AI checks your lease against:

  • Recent state legislation changes
  • Rent, deposit, and late fee laws
  • Fair housing violations
  • Required disclosures for specific states
  • Essential contractual terms

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FAQ: Lease Agreement Audit AI

No, lease agreements uploaded to this tool are not used to train the AI model. We take data privacy very seriously and protect your information.

Yes, the Lease Agreement Audit AI tool is 100% free. You can upload and analyze your lease agreements as many times as you need.

We are constantly improving our AI technology, but it’s important to note that the analysis is based on patterns and information learned during training. While highly accurate, the results will not be perfect. For crucial decisions or complex legal issues, we recommend consulting with a qualified attorney.

Don’t worry! TurboTenant offers a fill-in-the-blank lease agreement tool that simplifies customizing and adjusting your lease agreement to comply with your state’s specific laws. This tool includes e-signatures for added convenience. Click here to learn more.

In most cases, you’ll receive your lease analysis in a flash – usually within 15 seconds!

A link to your audit will be emailed to you. That link will be active for 30 days and can be shared with others. 

TurboTenant has 50 state-specific and nine city/county agreements that are updated frequently, which makes it easy to complete in 15 minutes with a user-friendly lease agreement builder + e-sign tool. Start here. 

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