AI Rental Property Listing Description

New Feature: Use AI to Build Your Rental Property Listings

Managing a rental property is no small feat. This business requires you to juggle vacancies, challenging tenants, tax season, maintenance requests, and more – who has time to add “write the perfect listing description” to that list? But this isn’t a task you can ignore.

All savvy investors know that a great tenant maximizes your ROI, so how can you save time and have a descriptive, eye-catching listing to snag an awesome tenant? With TurboTenant’s new AI Property Description feature, producing a hot property listing is now easier and more efficient than ever. 

Get More Eyes on Your Listing for Free
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Generate a Listing Description in Under Five Seconds

The AI Property Description feature works like magic. 

First, log into your TurboTenant account and navigate to your Properties tab. Enter basic information about your property, and AI will do the rest. In less than five seconds, you’ll have a unique, personalized listing title and description to push to popular marketing sites. And the best part is – our AI Property Description generator is completely free! 

Each listing description will be representative of your individual property. Powered by Open AI’s industry-leading AI software, this new feature uses open source data to add unique qualities and descriptors to each property listing such as its walkability, community amenities, and other local highlights. In just a few clicks, your listing description will showcase all the amazing features that make your property special. 

The Benefits of Using AI to Boost Your Rental Business

Hesitant to trust artificial intelligence to capture the magic of your property for you? Don’t worry. We’ve made our AI property description feature easy and approachable. 

Beyond saving you time and stress, landlords who use our AI Property Description generator can rest easy knowing that your property listings will comply with the Fair Housing Act. We’ve included parameters in our AI Property Description that ensures each listing follows Fair Housing guidelines. In other words, this AI is smart enough to know the distinct difference between “no smokers” and “smoking not allowed – which could save you from a hefty penalty. 

In addition, you’ll save time creating great listings that garner better leads thanks to your professional rental marketing. With well-polished listings setting you apart from the competition, it’s easier to attract great long-term tenants. Plus, with all the time you’ll save creating your listings, you can browse the market for your next investment property or spend time with your loved ones. Who doesn’t love a win-win?

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