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Announcing TurboTenant Academy

Grow Your Rental Property Management Business the Smart Way

With enough capital, anyone can buy a property and rent it out – but building a successful rental property management business requires you to know everything from federal laws like the Fair Housing Act to how to file taxes correctly. And every mistake you make has the potential to cost some serious coin.

TurboTenant Academy is our way of helping landlords learn what they need to know to avoid setbacks and guide their business towards success.

What is TurboTenant Academy?

TurboTenant Academy is the latest educational offering from the TurboTeam. We provide video lessons from industry experts and interactive assessments to teach new and experienced landlords critical concepts to operate a rental property business in 2023 and beyond. 

In our monthly webinar series, we asked you what you wanted to learn next – protecting your business from lawsuits, growing your portfolio, and streamlining your processes rose to the top of the list.

Based on the rising number of fair housing violations, we took action and created the Fair Housing for Landlords course.

Many landlords mistakenly believe that they don’t have to follow the Fair Housing Act, thinking that their rental property management business is too small. While there are a handful of exemptions, the majority of landlords must abide by the Fair Housing Act – or face up to $16,000 in fines for the first violation.

Even if you’ve been in the game for decades, the course’s 90+ minutes of on-demand lessons offer unique insight into a variety of recent court cases lodged against landlords, allowing you to avoid making the same mistakes.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Well, it’s easy to avoid making those mistakes – just don’t discriminate.

But with concepts like vicarious liability at play, even the most well-meaning landlord can be sued for discrimination committed by a third party.

What else do you have to learn about fair housing? Test yourself with five questions below:

What’s the Difference Between TurboTenant’s Courses and Webinars?

Course Webinar
90+ minutes 60 minutes
Self-paced Instructor-paced
Exclusive downloadables Copy of the presentation
Provides certificate of completion No certificate of completion

A TurboTenant course is self-paced, offers more in-depth assessments, and offers a certificate of completion that you can leverage in your marketing efforts to brag about your skillset. You also receive exclusive downloadables that you can use and reuse to better your rental property management business.

For example, the Fair Housing for Landlords course provides 90+ minutes of fair housing principles, including landmark court cases, and a downloadable cheat sheet to help you protect yourself from lawsuits.

On the other hand, a TurboTenant webinar is hosted live, typically lasts for 60 minutes, and focuses on more foundational topics, like financing your next property purchase and the eviction process.

Stay in Touch So You Don't Miss Out

Any landlord interested in improving their business and maximizing their investments ethically will benefit from taking a TurboTenant Academy course. Start with Fair Housing for Landlords, but don’t think the learning stops there.

Here are the other courses you can use to fortify your rental property management business:

  • 10 Expensive Tax Mistakes to Avoid: Don’t leave money on the table because you blundered your taxes. Led by Enrolled Agent Deltrease Hart-Anderson, we’ll walk you through what you need to know to reduce your taxable income and maximize your deductions.

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