Evictions in 2023

A TurboTenant Webinar
June 22, 2023

In our recent webinar, experts Krista and Samantha delved into the complex world of evictions as we navigate through 2023. This session, aimed at landlords and property managers, offered a rich discussion on eviction processes, legal nuances, and proactive management strategies.

The webinar covered four main areas:

  1. A Refresh on the Eviction Process: Highlighting the importance of understanding local laws and the necessity of a step-by-step approach to legally and ethically manage evictions.
  2. Eviction Data Insights: Analysis of the latest trends from Eviction Labs, noting a significant increase in eviction filings and costs, emphasizing the financial and emotional toll on both landlords and tenants.
  3. FAQs and Legal Guidelines: Addressing common queries, from the costs involved in eviction proceedings to tenant rights and the impact of rental assistance programs.
  4. Alternative Solutions: Discussing strategies to avoid evictions, such as rent relief resources and “cash for keys” agreements, to maintain a positive landlord-tenant relationship.

The webinar underscored the imperative of staying informed on state-specific eviction laws and the value of clear communication and documentation. Whether you’re a seasoned landlord or new to property management, this session provided essential insights into managing evictions effectively in today’s legal landscape.

For those who missed it, a recording of the webinar has been made available, ensuring you can catch up on all the expert advice at your convenience. Stay tuned for future sessions as we continue to explore key topics in property management.

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