Home Warranties: Smart or Scam?

A TurboTenant Webinar
April 21, 2023

The webinar, hosted by Krista Reuther and Samantha Yadav from the education and community team at TurboTenant, along with special guest Liv Coffman from Armadillo, covered the intricacies of home warranties for landlords. The session was packed with vital information on how home warranties can help protect landlords from the high costs associated with the repair and replacement of major home systems and appliances due to normal wear and tear. Here’s a detailed summary of the key points discussed:


  • The webinar began with a poll to gauge the attendees’ understanding of the costs associated with property maintenance and repairs, setting the stage for a discussion on the financial benefits of home warranties.

Defining Home Warranties

  • Home warranties were defined as service plans that cover the repair or replacement costs of designated appliances and home systems damaged by normal wear and tear. The webinar distinguished between what is and isn’t covered by a home warranty, clarifying that it is not a substitute for landlord insurance but works in conjunction with it to provide comprehensive coverage.

Benefits of Home Warranties

  • The webinar outlined several key advantages of having a home warranty, including protection against unexpected maintenance costs, simplification of the maintenance process, and the potential to enhance the renting experience by ensuring quick repairs, which in turn can boost tenant satisfaction and retention.

Costs and Coverage

  • Attendees learned about the average annual cost of home warranties ($600) versus the average annual repair and replacement costs without a warranty ($6,000). These figures underscored the cost-effectiveness of home warranties in managing property maintenance expenses.

Choosing a Home Warranty Plan

  • The presentation provided guidance on selecting a home warranty plan, emphasizing the importance of asking questions regarding coverage limits, service fees, contractor networks, and the process for filing claims.

Armadillo’s Home Warranty Solution

  • Liv Coffman introduced Armadillo’s approach to home warranties, highlighting their customizable coverage options, the ability to work with landlords’ preferred contractors, and their 24/7 support system. Armadillo distinguishes itself by offering straightforward, customer-focused service plans and digital claim submission processes.

Q&A Session

  • The webinar concluded with a robust Q&A session, during which the speakers addressed specific attendee concerns about home warranty coverage, including the treatment of multi-unit properties, the tax-deductibility of home warranty costs, and the differentiation between a home warranty and insurance.


  • The session successfully demystified home warranties, making a compelling case for their value as part of a comprehensive property management strategy. Attendees left with a clearer understanding of how home warranties could save time, reduce stress, and prevent significant out-of-pocket expenses, all while keeping tenants happy with quick and effective maintenance solutions.

Overall, the webinar provided a thorough overview of home warranties, equipping landlords with the knowledge to make informed decisions about adding such coverage to their property management toolkit.

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