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The Benefits Of Renters Insurance For Renters

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Most of us know we should purchase insurance to cover valuable items. From car insurance to health insurance, these policies help keep us protected. One insurance that is often overlooked, though, is renters insurance. Renters insurance is an extremely valuable tool for those who rent apartments, condos, and homes. This unique branch of insurance offers important coverage tools.

If you have never considered renters insurance before, now is the time to start. Put down the moving boxes and consider the myriad of ways you can benefit from renters insurance.

What Does Renters Insurance Cover?

While you may assume that your landlord has insurance that will cover you in the case of natural disaster or theft, the reality is you are responsible for covering your personal items. Before you write off renters insurance, thinking you don’t own enough property for it to be of value, consider the variety of ways it could save you in a tight spot. Keep in mind the specific benefits of your renters insurance will depend upon the plan and coverage you opt for.

Your Belongings

Renters insurance serves as a protection plan for the items you own. From your new laptop to your gaming console to the couches in your living room, renters insurance is there to help protect you from loss.

Your belongings will be covered against theft, destruction, and loss. This means if a fire occurs, a tornado blows through, a flood drowns your belongings or any other type of destructive disaster, your stuff will be covered by your insurance plan. You can even opt for renters insurance that will help cover hotel costs if you need to relocate while your rental property is put back in order.

In our modern world of electronic devices, it is common that renters don’t even realize how much it would cost to replace all their electronics alone. Sit down and calculate what it would cost you if you lost all your electronic devices. If it’s an amount above a few hundred dollars, you want to protect those belongings with a quality insurance plan.

Not only are your belongings covered while they are in the rental property, your renters insurance will follow your belongings wherever they go. That means if your laptop were stolen out of your car, it will still be covered by your renters insurance.


Hopefully you never find yourself on the wrong side of a lawsuit, however, life is not always predictable. If you cause harm to another person or their belongings, you can be held liable. If you have a kid or a pet that might harm another person or their items, your renters insurance can help cover a lawsuit as well. This insurance can become invaluable during a stressful and expensive lawsuit.

Medical Costs

Did you know you can be liable for injuries that occur in your rental home or apartment? Protect yourself from medical costs associated with accidents or injuries with renters insurance. Your policy can protect you from paying out on medical bills.

How Much Does It Cost?

While you may not have considered renters insurance in the past, fearing it was too far out of your price range, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that plans start as low as $15/month. You can choose the right insurance to fit your particular needs.

How Can I Sign Up For Renters Insurance?

You will want to start by making a list of your belongings and their value. Don’t leave anything off the list, particularly high dollar items like video game consoles, TVs, laptops, and furniture. You might be surprised as you do this exercise to find out how much your belongings are actually worth when combined as a whole.

Luckily, TurboTenant has partnered with Sure App which provides some of the best renter insurance plans! We have partnered with this outstanding and nationally trusted company to help renters find the best insurance policies possible for their individual needs.

The process is simple:

  • Enter information about yourself and your place.
  • Earn discounts based on your details.
  • Get your quote, then get your policy.

To sign up and get more information about renters insurance click here.

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