Section 8 Housing: The Process, Pros, and Cons

A TurboTenant Webinar
August 18, 2022

Section 8 has been around since 1983, and yet most landlords don’t know much about participating in it – let alone the potential benefits for their business.

The TurboTenant team and two industry experts, Gurpreet “GP” Singh and Cory Ruppersberger, outline everything you need to know about this crucial program.

The hosts share crucial statistics, such as the number of Section 8 program participants and households receiving rental assistance in the United States. They explain the program’s history, from its inception in the 1930s to its various modifications over the years.

Viewers gain a comprehensive understanding of Section 8 eligibility requirements for both renters and landlords, including income limits, family composition, citizenship status, and past evictions. The hosts emphasize the importance of screening tenants based on consistent criteria.

The video covers the landlord’s perspective, including property eligibility and inspection processes. It highlights the flexibility of property types accepted in the Section 8 program, from single-family homes to group residences. Krista and Jonathan outline the steps for landlords to participate in Section 8, from contacting the local Public Housing Authority (PHA) to lease agreements and inspections.

Benefits of being a Section 8 landlord are discussed, including steady income, reduced vacancy rates, and helping individuals in need. The hosts clarify that landlords can charge market-rate rents as long as they meet HUD’s criteria. They address security deposits and how they work within the Section 8 program, including the process for handling damages and evictions.

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