How to Finance Your Next Property Purchase: An Overview

A TurboTenant Webinar
July 14, 2022

In this engaging webinar, Krista Reuther, Senior Content Marketing Writer at TurboTenant, teams up with Grayden Guilford, Vice President at Pinnacle Bank, to bring you valuable insights on how to finance your next property purchase. Whether you’re a prospective landlord or an experienced investor, this informative session covers the key strategies and financing options you need to consider.

Krista and Grayden discuss various financing methods, from traditional mortgages to portfolio loans and bridge loans. They delve into the 1031 exchange, a powerful tool for deferring capital gains taxes while swapping investment properties.

Discover the importance of finding the right lender, improving your credit score, and optimizing your down payment options. Get expert advice on navigating the real estate market and making sound investment decisions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your property management empire and make informed choices in today’s dynamic economic landscape. Join us for an enlightening discussion that can shape your real estate investment journey.

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