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A TurboTenant Webinar
May 8, 2023

The webinar, hosted by Krista Reuther (Senior Content Marketing Writer) and featuring Samantha, TurboTenant’s Landlord Experience Expert, alongside product manager Raj, delves into TurboTenant’s lease agreements product and premium membership plan. The session focuses on providing landlords with detailed insights into managing lease agreements through TurboTenant, addressing the needs and complexities encountered during the leasing process.

Key Discussions and Features:

  1. Introduction to Leasing with TurboTenant: Raj and Samantha introduce the comprehensive leasing capabilities of TurboTenant, emphasizing the platform’s user-friendly interface and legal compliance. They highlight the importance of having a legally sound lease and the flexibility TurboTenant offers in customizing leases for different scenarios, such as new tenant agreements, existing tenant management, and lease renewals.
  2. Interactive Polling: The webinar commences with a poll to gather information about the attendees’ experience levels, number of properties managed, and familiarity with TurboTenant. This facilitates a tailored discussion, ensuring the information presented is relevant to the audience.
  3. Lease Creation Process: Samantha walks through the lease creation process in TurboTenant, demonstrating how landlords can easily generate state-specific lease agreements. This process involves answering straightforward questions related to lease terms, rent details, and property-specific rules, which TurboTenant then uses to build a comprehensive and legally compliant lease agreement.
  4. Customizing and Strengthening Leases: The webinar explores how TurboTenant allows for the customization of leases with additional provisions and attachments, such as parking rules and pet agreements. This flexibility enables landlords to address unique property circumstances and tenant arrangements, enhancing the lease’s relevance and protection.
  5. Electronic Signature and Documentation: Highlighted is the convenience of TurboTenant’s electronic signature feature, which simplifies the lease signing process for both landlords and tenants. The discussion also covers the uploading and management of additional documents and addendums, illustrating how everything related to a lease can be organized and accessed within the platform.
  6. State-Specific Leases and Legal Compliance: Raj emphasizes the importance of state-specific disclosures and legal compliance in lease agreements. By integrating the latest legal requirements and offering state-customized leases, TurboTenant ensures that landlords are protected and operating within legal boundaries.
  7. Premium Membership Benefits: The advantages of TurboTenant’s premium membership are detailed, including access to unlimited custom lease agreements, prioritized marketing features, faster rent payments, and dedicated support. This membership is presented as a cost-effective solution for landlords seeking comprehensive tools and resources.
  8. Q&A Session with Legal Insights: A valuable segment of the webinar involves a Q&A session where specific landlord inquiries are addressed. This includes questions about amending signed leases, the costs associated with lease agreements and addendums, and strategies for handling tenant violations. The session reinforces TurboTenant’s commitment to providing actionable legal advice and support.

In conclusion, the webinar effectively showcases TurboTenant’s lease agreements product as a robust and versatile solution for landlords. Through practical demonstrations and expert insights, attendees are equipped with the knowledge to navigate the leasing process confidently, benefit from a legally compliant platform, and foster positive landlord-tenant relationships.

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