Rental Yield Calculator

How do you determine the yield on your rental investment?

For both novice landlords and veteran property investors alike, understanding the return on investment (ROI) of a prospective rental property is essential.

Our streamlined Rental Yield Calculator below simplifies this process, empowering you to make swift and informed decisions about your potential property ventures.

Seeking a deeper understanding of the calculator’s operations and the significance of each input? Discover more in our How It Works section.

Rental Yield Calculator


Using the Rental Yield Calculator

Investing in rental property can be a lucrative endeavor, but it’s crucial to understand the potential returns before diving in. That’s where our Rental Yield Calculator plays a vital role – it helps you determine the yield, which is a percentage measure of the return you can expect on your investment based on the income the property will generate.

Getting Started

To assess the profitability of a rental property using the calculator, follow these easy steps:

Enter the Purchase Price: Start by inputting the total acquisition cost of the property, including purchase price and any applicable fees or taxes.

  • Provide Annual Rental Income: This is the total rent payments you expect to receive over a year. Don’t include any potential vacancy periods – the yield is calculated based on the assumption of full occupancy.
  • Include Operating Expenses: Note down all annual operating costs associated with the property. This covers property management, maintenance, taxes, insurance, and any other expenses incurred.

Once you’ve filled out these fields, simply click the “Calculate Yield” button. The calculator will instantly compute and display both the Gross Rental Yield and the Net Rental Yield.

Understanding the Results

  • Gross Rental Yield: This figure shows the percentage of the purchase price that the annual rental income represents, without subtracting any operating expenses. It’s a quick way to gauge a property’s potential.
  • Net Rental Yield: This is the more accurate measure of profitability as it factors in operating expenses. It reflects the actual return on your investment after deducting annual operating costs from the rental income.

The Rental Yield Calculator is an indispensable tool for comparing different investment properties or assessing the potential success of a single property. By taking into account all associated costs, it provides a clearer picture of what you can expect from your investment, ensuring you make informed decisions tailored to your financial goals.

What do the inputs and outputs mean?

Navigating through the realm of rental property investment can become less daunting with the correct knowledge. Understanding the key terms necessary to calculate the yield from your rental property can help you pinpoint investment opportunities that are most likely to deliver financial rewards.

Here’s a breakdown of the key definitions for the inputs and outputs in our Rental Yield Calculator:


Purchase Price of the Property

This input captures the total amount you expect to pay when acquiring the property. It encompasses the listed selling price and should include any additional purchase-related fees.

Annual Rental Income

Specify the total expected income from the property over a one-year period. This should reflect the reality of the local rental market and prospective tenant demand.

Operating Expenses

Input the sum of all yearly expenses for running and maintaining the property. This includes routine costs—such as maintenance, property management, and insurance—necessary to keep the property operational.


Gross Rental Yield

This output demonstrates the annual rental income as a percentage of the property’s purchase price prior to deducting any expenses. It’s a pre-expense metric that provides an indication of the property’s income potential relative to its cost.

Net Rental Yield

While the gross rental yield gives you the revenue outlook, the net rental yield takes it a step further. After calculating the annual rental income and subtracting the operating expenses, this output provides you with the actual profit percentage in relation to your initial investment. It offers a clearer, more insightful view of your investment’s profitability after factoring in the expenses.

Interpreting these inputs and outputs is crucial for any property investor aiming to evaluate the potential yields of a rental property. They can work in tandem to give you an accurate picture of the property’s earning potential and help you arrive at well-informed investment decisions.

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