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Mississippi Lease Agreements

mississippi lease agreement
Mississippi Leases
TurboTenant's Mississippi lease agreement, crafted by local attorneys and property owners, ensures legal compliance and full protection for landlords.

Navigating the intricacies of lease agreements in Mississippi requires a deep understanding of state-specific laws and regulations. TurboTenant’s Mississippi Lease Agreement templates have been meticulously crafted and reviewed by legal professionals well-versed in Mississippi law. This ensures landlords remain compliant and protected as they embark on renting out their properties. The following guide highlights key sections and clauses within the Mississippi Lease Agreement, offering insights into how they impact both landlords and tenants.

Section 1 – Custom to You

The first section of the Mississippi Lease Agreement is designed to capture the unique details of your rental arrangement. This includes identifying information for all parties involved, rent specifics, utility obligations, and any other pertinent details specific to the property being rented. Customizable elements allow landlords to tailor the agreement to their specific needs, ensuring a comprehensive and clear contract.

Key Features in Section 1

  • Additional Provisions: Landlords can include any property-specific rules or necessary local clauses. This flexibility allows for a lease agreement that is not only compliant but also tailored to the unique aspects of the property.
  • Lost Key Policy: Should tenants fail to return all keys upon moving out, they are responsible for the full cost of rekeying the property. This clause underscores the importance of property security and tenant accountability.

Section 2 – Specific to Mississippi

To ensure compliance with Mississippi law, Section 2 of the lease agreement includes state-specific language. This section addresses various legal requirements and restrictions directly impacting the rental arrangement in Mississippi.

Important Clauses in Section 2

  • Late Fees (Section 2.1): Mississippi law permits landlords to charge a late fee of 5% on rent not received by the 5th day of the month. For example, a $50 late fee on a $1,000 rent not paid by the due date.
  • Security Deposit Provisions (Section 2.4): There is no maximum limit on the amount that can be charged as a security deposit, however it is generally 1-2x the monthly rent. Landlords must return the security deposit within 45 days after lease termination, highlighting the state’s commitment to tenant rights and property care.
  • Fair Housing (Section 2.11): The agreement reinforces the prohibition of discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex, marital status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, or familial status, in alignment with both federal and Mississippi civil rights laws.

Section 3 – General Clauses for Best Practices

Section 3 of the Mississippi Lease Agreement outlines standard clauses found in most lease agreements, emphasizing best practices within landlord-tenant relationships. These clauses cover areas such as subletting, alterations to the property, and legal compliance.

Notable General Clauses

  • Subletting (Section 3.1): Tenants are prohibited from subleasing the property without the landlord’s written permission, ensuring control over occupancy.
  • Altering or Improving the Property (Section 3.2): Tenants must obtain written consent from the landlord before making any changes to the property, preserving its condition and value.
  • Choice of Law (Section 3.11): The lease agreement is governed by Mississippi law, with both parties consenting to the jurisdiction of county courts where the property is located, ensuring legal clarity and local relevance.
  • Follow the Law (Section 3.14): Tenants are required to abide by all applicable laws and ordinances, ensuring respectful and lawful use of the property.
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What can I charge for a late fee in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, you can charge a late fee of 5% on rent that is not received by the 5th day of the month. For example, if the rent is $1,000 and it’s paid late, you may charge a $50 late fee.

How should security deposits be handled in Mississippi?

Mississippi law does not set limits on security deposits but it typically runs at 1-2x the monthly rent. The security deposit must be returned within 45 days after the lease ends, along with an itemized list of any deductions for damages.

Can I prohibit my tenants from subletting the property?

Yes, the lease agreement can include a clause under Section 3.1 that prohibits tenants from subletting the property without the landlord’s written permission. This helps maintain control over who is living in the property.

How do I ensure my lease complies with fair housing laws in Mississippi?

The lease agreement should adhere to federal and Mississippi laws prohibiting discrimination based on protected characteristics. It’s important to treat all potential and current tenants equally and avoid any language or actions that could be considered discriminatory.

TurboTenant Mississippi Lease Agreements

TurboTenant’s Mississippi Lease Agreement templates provide landlords with a reliable and legally sound foundation for renting out their properties. By incorporating both state-specific requirements and general best practices, these templates ensure comprehensive protection and compliance. Landlords are encouraged to consult with a legal professional when adding any additional provisions to their lease agreements, ensuring they remain aligned with Mississippi law and fully address the unique aspects of their rental situation.

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