North Dakota Lease Agreement

north dakota residential lease agreement
North Dakota Residential Lease Agreement
TurboTenant's North Dakota lease agreement, crafted by local attorneys and property owners, ensures legal compliance and full protection for landlords.

North Dakota lease agreements are legally binding contracts that outline the terms and conditions under which a rental property is leased. These agreements must conform to North Dakota state laws to ensure they are enforceable and provide protections for both landlord and tenant. TurboTenant’s Lease Agreement Generator and Templates offer a user-friendly platform for landlords in North Dakota to create comprehensive and compliant lease agreements, simplifying the leasing process.

Customize Lease

This section is designed to capture the unique details of your rental arrangement. During the lease creation process, you will add specifics such as tenant information, rent amount, utility responsibilities, and any other custom details pertinent to your property.

Highlighted Items in Section 1

  • Additional Provisions: This part allows for the inclusion of property-specific rules, necessary local clauses, or other specific details you wish to incorporate into the lease.
  • Lost Key Policy: Specifies the tenant’s responsibility to return all keys upon moving out and the potential costs associated with rekeying the property if they fail to do so.

Specific to North Dakota

Lease agreements in North Dakota contain clauses that are specific to state laws and regulations. To ensure compliance, these sections should only be edited with the help of our Advanced Editor feature, and consultation with an attorney to make sure all changes are legally compliant.

Essential North Dakota Clauses

  • Late Fees (Section 2.1): A late fee of five percent (5%) of the unpaid rent may be charged if rent is not received by the fifth day of each month.
  • Security Deposit Provisions (Section 2.4): In North Dakota, security deposits cannot exceed one month’s rent, except for individuals with a history of felonies or lease violations, who may be charged up to two months’ rent. Additional pet deposits are capped at $2,500 or two months’ rent. Security deposits must be kept in a FDIC interest bearing account and any accrued interest for leases longer than 9 months must be returned to Tenant.
  • Entry/Access to Premises by Landlord (Section 2.8): The landlord has the right to enter the premises for various reasons, with a good faith effort to notify the tenant in advance in a reasonable period of time, except in emergencies.
  • Fair Housing (Section 2.10): The agreement adheres to federal and North Dakota laws prohibiting discrimination in housing. Landlords should also be aware of any additional local ordinances.

General Clauses for Best Practices

These clauses are standard across most lease agreements and are included to ensure that best practices are followed.

Key General Clauses

  • Subletting (Section 3.1): Tenants are prohibited from subletting without the landlord’s written permission.
  • Altering or Improving the Property (Section 3.2): Tenants must obtain written consent before making any alterations or improvements to the rental property.
  • Military Personnel Clause/Family Violence/Sex Offenses or Stalking (Section 3.8): Tenants who are military personnel or victims of domestic violence, harassment, sexual assault, or stalking have certain rights to terminate the lease early under federal, state, or local laws.
  • Choice of Law (Section 3.11): The lease agreement is governed by North Dakota laws and requires the use of county courts where the property is located for any disputes.
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How are late fees handled in North Dakota?

Landlords may charge a late fee of five percent (5%) of the unpaid rent if it is not received by the fifth day of each month, as indicated in Section 2.1.

What are the rules regarding security deposits in North Dakota?

Security deposits are limited to one month’s rent unless the tenant has a history of felonies or lease violations. In such cases, up to two months’ rent may be charged. Additional pet deposits are limited to $2,500 or two months’ rent. Security deposits must be placed in an interest-bearing FDIC bank and all accrued interest must be returned to tenants with leases longer than 9 months. Deposits must be returned with interest 30 days after lease termination, along with a notice itemizing any deductions, as outlined in Section 2.4.

Can a landlord enter the rented premises at any time?

Landlords have the right to enter the premises for inspections, repairs, or showings, making a good faith effort to notify tenants in advance, except in emergency situations, as per Section 2.8.

What does the lease say about fair housing?

The lease complies with federal and North Dakota anti-discrimination laws. Landlords should also research any additional local ordinances, as mentioned in Section 2.10.

TurboTenant North Dakota Lease Agreements

TurboTenant’s Lease Agreement Generator and Templates make it easy for North Dakota landlords to create leases that are compliant with state regulations and incorporate best practices. These tools help landlords protect their investment while providing clear and fair terms for their tenants. As always, for additional custom provisions or legal concerns, consulting with a lawyer is recommended.

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