Arkansas Lease Agreement

arkansas residential lease agreement
Arkansas Residential Lease Agreement
TurboTenant's Arkansas lease agreement, crafted by local attorneys and property owners, ensures legal compliance and full protection for landlords.

Arkansas Lease Agreements

Arkansas lease agreements are essential documents that set the groundwork for the relationship between landlords and tenants. These agreements outline the rights and responsibilities of each party and ensure compliance with Arkansas state laws. Using TurboTenant’s Arkansas Lease Agreement Generator and Templates, landlords can create clear, comprehensive, and legally compliant lease documents tailored to their rental properties.

Custom Lease

In this section, landlords can insert the specifics of their rental agreement, including the parties involved, rental amount, utility arrangements, and other pertinent details. This customization ensures that all relevant information is at the forefront of the lease agreement, making it easy for both landlords and tenants to review.

Customization Highlights

  • Additional Provisions: This space allows for any property-specific rules, necessary local clauses, or other particulars that a landlord wishes to include. It is recommended that any such additions be reviewed by a lawyer to ensure compliance and enforceability.
  • Lost Key Policy (Section 1): This clause stipulates that tenants are responsible for the full cost of rekeying the property should they fail to return all keys upon moving out.

Specific to Arkansas

Section 2 of the lease agreement encompasses clauses that are unique to Arkansas law. These clauses should not be edited to help landlords stay within legal boundaries effortlessly. If changes are made using our Advanced Editor feature, we recommend you consult with an attorney to ensure that you are legally compliant with state and/or local laws.

Arkansas-Specific Clauses

  • Late Fees (Section 2.1): If rent is not received by the 5th day of the month, landlords may charge a late fee of 5% of the total unpaid rent amount. For example, a $50 late fee on a $1,000 rent if paid past the due date.
  • Security Deposit Provisions (Section 2.4): Landlords in Arkansas can demand a security deposit not exceeding two months’ rent. Security deposits must be returned within 60 days post-termination or expiration of the lease agreement.
  • Fair Housing (Section 2.11): All parties are required to comply with federal and Arkansas civil rights laws that prohibit housing discrimination. It is also crucial to be aware of any additional local ordinances that may apply.

General Clauses for Best Practices

Section 3 includes standard clauses that are typically found in lease agreements across the country. These clauses ensure that the lease adheres to best practices, as developed with input from experienced landlords.

General Clauses Overview

  • Subletting (Section 3.1): Tenants are prohibited from subleasing the rental property without the landlord’s written consent.
  • Altering or Improving the Property (Section 3.2): Any alterations or improvements to the property by the tenant, such as repainting, require the landlord’s written approval.
  • Notice of Domestic Abuse Protections (Section 3.8): Tenants have a defense to eviction if they can prove that the landlord knew or should have known of the tenant being a victim of domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking, and that the eviction is related to such circumstances.
  • Choice of Law (Section 3.11): The lease agreement is governed by Arkansas laws, and tenants must consent to the use of county courts where the property is located for any disputes.
  • Follow the Law (Section 3.14): Tenants must not violate any law or ordinance while on the rental property and should not be a nuisance to neighbors.
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What is the maximum late fee I can charge in Arkansas?

Landlords can charge a late fee of 5% of the total unpaid rent amount if the rent is not received by the 5th day of the month.

Is there a limit on security deposits in Arkansas?

Yes, landlords cannot demand a security deposit exceeding two months’ rent. This limit does not apply to landlords who own less than five units unless the property is managed by a property manager.

How long do I have to return a security deposit in Arkansas?

Landlords must return the security deposit within 60 days after the termination or expiration of the lease agreement.

What should I include in my lease regarding domestic abuse protections?

Arkansas law provides protections to tenants who are victims of domestic abuse, sexual assault, or stalking. The lease should include a notice that tenants have a defense to eviction if the landlord knew or should have known of such circumstances.

TurboTenant Arkansas Lease Agreements

TurboTenant’s Arkansas Lease Agreement Generator and Templates offer landlords a reliable way to create lease agreements that comply with the unique legal landscape of Arkansas. By incorporating state-specific clauses and industry best practices, these tools help landlords legally protect their investments while maintaining a fair and transparent relationship with their tenants. As always, for any additional provisions or unique circumstances, landlords should seek legal counsel to ensure their lease agreements are comprehensive and enforceable under Arkansas law.

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