Managing Leads

October 24, 2018

TurboTenant is here to make your life easier by consolidating all your rental property leads in one place.

With TurboTenant, you can effortlessly manage and respond to leads, gaining valuable insights into each prospective tenant. Our platform ensures that you never miss an opportunity to connect with the right renters and streamline the application process.

When you list your property on TurboTenant, it gets exposure on numerous rental listing websites. Any interested renters automatically become leads in your TurboTenant account, whether they found your property on external sites or through your TurboTenant listing page. You can even manually add leads you’ve met in person or over the phone.

Clicking on a lead’s profile grants you access to their contact information and any details they’ve provided on external listing sites. You can easily add notes and track essential information such as their move-in date, the number of occupants, and pet details, all while keeping your notes private.

If a lead is missing information, no worries. You can edit their profile to fill in the gaps once you’ve connected with them. Leads come with different statuses, making it easy to keep track of your interactions. New leads are those you haven’t viewed yet, while Contacted leads are those you’ve shared your listing with or marked as contacted.

TurboTenant goes a step further by providing a comprehensive online application and screening process at no cost to landlords. Invite interested leads to apply, and once they complete their online application, they’ll move to the applicants’ tab, simplifying your tenant selection process.

Effectively managing potential renters is crucial to finding the perfect tenant for your property. TurboTenant is your trusted partner, making it effortless to fill vacancies quickly. Join us today and experience the difference in rental property management!

Video Transcript

Hi there, this is Sarnen, the founder of TurboTenant. I’m a landlord myself, and I realize that sometimes, especially when your marketing works really well, managing leads and interested renters can be challenging. TurboTenant makes it easy to manage the different leads you have for your rental property in one place. You’ll know who you need to respond to, be able to view information about each person, and if they’re the right fit, you can easily invite them to apply.

When you market your property through TurboTenant, it’s going to show up across dozens of rental listing websites. Any renter who sees it on these sites and expresses an interest in your property will automatically appear in the leads tab within TurboTenant. Leads are also automatically created when you share your TurboTenant listing page with any renter, or if you invite someone to apply. This makes it really easy, so everything is in one place. You can also manually add any lead who might have gotten in contact with you over the phone or in person, or at an open house or showing.

Clicking into a lead’s profile gives you access to their contact info as well as any other relevant information they may have entered on the various listing sites. When they showed interest in your rental, you can easily add relevant details like when they’re looking to move, how many people they have, and if they have any pets. This includes adding any notes on the renter that help you keep track of each person, and don’t worry, your notes are personal and will not be viewable to the renter.

If you see a lead labeled as unknown or their profile is missing information, it’s because they didn’t enter this when they originally showed interest from the listing sites, but it’s not a problem. Just click, edit lead, and fill it in once you’ve been in contact with them. Leads also have different statuses. New leads are those that you’ve not yet viewed. Contacted leads are someone who you either shared your listing with or marked as contacted within their profile.

This helps you keep track of who you have and haven’t responded to yet. If you didn’t know, TurboTenant provides a thorough online application and screening process, giving you all the industry-standard information you need to make an informed decision about each applicant. The best part is, it’s completely free for landlords.

If there is a lead that’s interested in applying, you can easily invite them to apply to your rental property. This will change their status to invited to apply. Once that lead completes their online rental application, they’ll automatically be moved to the applicant’s tab within TurboTenant.

Effectively, tracking and managing all the different renters who are interested in your property is an essential part of finding your great tenant. Luckily, TurboTenant makes it easy so you can fill your vacancy faster than ever.


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