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Avoid Violations. Protect Your Rental Business.

Many landlords sued for discrimination didn’t know they were discriminating.

Save yourself the headaches, time, and cost of a lawsuit. Learn the fundamentals of fair housing requirements so you can legally run your rental business without any disruptions.

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Who is this course for?

New and experienced landlords who want to better protect themselves from discrimination lawsuits


Why take the Fair Housing course?

Protect yourself from lawsuits
Learn what discrimination actually means in the eyes of the court, so you can make sure you’re not doing it.

Avoid expensive violations
Find out if your management practices put you at risk to lose cash flow, force liquidation — or worse.

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Get your screening process up to par
Design a screening process that meets fair housing standards so you can enjoy peace of mind while finding the best tenant. 

Course overview

What will you learn?

Achieve a deeper understanding of landlord-tenant laws and gain the knowledge you need to avoid catastrophic lawsuits.

Fair housing is a complex body of standards set by the government to ensure equal housing access, and it is difficult to fully understand. 

You can read a blog, watch a few YouTube videos, or talk to your peers — but none of these give you the expertise to incorporate fair housing best practices into every aspect of your rental business.

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Course Curriculum

We understand you’re likely juggling your full-time job and your real estate investments. That’s why TurboTenant Academy courses are designed so you can learn at your own pace. 

Simply log in when you have the time (and brain power) to expand your knowledge of fair housing laws, and complete each section of the curriculum. When you’re finished, you can access this essential information at any time from your account.


Included Lessons, Topics, and Interactive Assessments

Fair Housing Law and Enforcement

Who does fair housing cover and how is it enforced?


Learn about the #1 source of fair housing complaints.

Assistance Animals

Service animals, ESAs, companion animals… What’s covered by the law?

Source of Income

Everything you should know about Section 8 tenants.

Sex Discrimination and Sexual Harassment

Details and takeaways from a prominent 2015 sexual harassment case — and more.

Familial Status

What are the laws around steering and occupancy limits?

Race, Color, Religion, National Origin

Fair housing laws around discrimination based on these factors.

Discriminatory Screening

Understand how to implement a fair housing-compliant screening process.

Military Status Protections

How are members of our military protected by fair housing during deployment?

Victims of Domestic Violence

Who is covered by fair housing and can vacate early?

Exceptions and Exemptions

Learn about the “gray areas” of fair housing.

Discriminatory Advertising

How to follow fair housing regulations when listing your rental.


Avoid expensive fair housing mistakes

For only $59, you could avoid a $35,000 lawsuit (you’ll learn more about this specific case – United States v. Altoona Housing Authority – in the course.)

Sign up for Fair Housing for Landlords today to gain a thorough understanding of a crucial topic for landlords.

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