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Did you Know? In the State of Florida

Landlords must include radon disclosures in the rental agreement - radon testing information can be obtained from your county health department (Fla. Stat., Title XXIX, § 404.056).
No landlord can prevent a tenant from using a flotation bedding system provided the flotation bedding follows building codes (Fla. Stat., Title VI, § 83.535).
If a landlord does not impose a claim on a security deposit, they have 15 days after the unit is vacated to return the deposit (Fla. Stat., Title VI, § 83.49).
For repairs, landlords need to give notice 12 hours in advance of entering the rental property, and the repairs should be done between 7:30 am and 8 pm (Fla. Stat., Title VI, § 83.53).
If a tenant has not paid the rent, landlords must give tenants three full days to pay the rent or move out before landlords can file for eviction (Fla. Stat., Title VI, § 83.20).


We Have You Covered Under Florida Rental Laws

We take our lease agreements as seriously as the Daytona 500. Since our Florida lease agreement was created with local lawyers and landlords, rest assured you’ll be covered and protected under Florida rental law. For example, our leases include specific Florida protections regarding:

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Customize Your Florida Lease

From the coral reefs of Key West to the Southern rock scene in Jacksonville – diversity is a key component of Florida. We know lease agreements can be just as diverse, which is why our template has a customizable section where you can include specifics for your rental property.

If you need to add rules about pet alligators, hurricane preparedness, or the orange trees at the property, you’ll be able to input your customizations on our online lease.


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Florida Landlord-Tenant Law Guide

Get to know important landlord-tenant laws in Florida, and find state and city-specific resources so you can stay on top of your landlord duties.

Florida Lease FAQ:

Yes, our Florida lease agreement was created with local lawyers and landlords to ensure landlords are complying with state landlord-tenant laws. It’s important to note that as new rental laws are enacted and put into place, we will update our lease agreements.

Our Florida lease agreements are compliant with state laws, but we recommend having a lawyer review your lease agreement – especially the provisions and customizations you may have added yourself.

Our Florida lease agreement costs only $29 for a single-use – for unlimited leases, you can purchase our Unlimited Plan, which also includes 32 essential landlord forms and unlimited e-signatures.

Yes, you can make a month-to-month Florida lease agreement with TurboTenant! While filling out the Florida lease agreement template, you can select the lease terms including month-to-month or a longer lease length.

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