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There are two critical factors to consider when pricing your rental, the surrounding market, and property features. You also want to find the right price that both optimizes your ROI and helps you find a great tenant. With the TurboComp Rent Estimates, we will help you compare your rent amount with other rental properties nearby, stay ahead of market trends, and price your rental right. 

Rent Estimate FAQs

How do I price my rental?

There are two overarching factors that come into play when pricing your rental property: the external factors (surrounding market) and internal factors (your property’s features). It’s crucial to understand that you want to find the right price, not the highest price. Read our blog about pricing your rental here

How much should I charge for rent?

A good rule of thumb to get you started is to use the “one percent rule,” this states that your rental price should be approximately 1 percent (specifically from 0.8 percent to 1.1 percent) of your property’s current value. While this is a well-known method for rent pricing, it is not always accurate to the market your home is located in and shouldn’t be used alone.


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Get your price right from the start and fill your vacancies with better tenants, faster, with our Rental Comparison Report!

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See what properties have rented for in your area so you know how you stack up against competition.

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Pricing your rental appropriately lets you find the best tenants quickly - without a lot of wasted time.

View Market Trends

Knowing how rent prices have changed over the past 12-36 months helps you plan for the future.

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