TurboTenant Pricing

One Flat Fee For Unlimited Properties

From rental marketing to tenant to rent payments, manage your entire rental process with TurboTenant. It’s perfect for great, independent landlords. And unlike the other guys, you pay the same amount no matter how many rental properties you have.

No credit card required to sign up. You can cancel at any time.



After a 30-Day Free Trial

SAVE 17%



After a 30-Day Free Trial


All the Features You Need to Be a Great Landlord

Plus, we know being a landlord might not be your full-time job. So our Colorado-based team is available to help you out with 7-day-a-week Customer Support.

Rental Advertising

Everything you need to reach more renters.

Post to Top Listing Websites

Professional Listing Page

Easy Craigslist Postings

Lead Tracking

Automatic Pre-screening

Screening & Applications

Make sure you’re renting to the right tenant.

Online Rental Application

Auto-Landlord References

Credit Check

Background Check

Eviction History

Renters pay an application fee to cover the cost of the screening report. (Learn More)

Rental Management

Manage your rental professionally.


Maintenance Requests

Lease Agreements

Electronic Signatures

Rent Payments


Hear from some of our 300,000+ landlords

“The best tool I've ever used as a landlord! The application process, screening process and recommendation of a tenant is so user-friendly”


“I have been a member of TurboTenant since December 2016. Your website platform is very easy to use and is great at listing my rental property and conducting background checks on potential tenants.”


“This is really all you need as a landlord! Amazingly comprehensive and easy to use interface. It does it all. Thank you!”


Transparent Pricing

What are your renters charged?

We do charge renters for a few services that are not included with your TurboTenant subscription. 


Application & Screening Fee

Credit and Criminal Report


Credit, Criminal, & Eviction Report


Online Rent Payments

Bank Transfer (ACH)


Credit / Debit Card


Renters Insurance

Optional purchase through SURE.



Pricing FAQs

Is there a free trial? Does it cost anything to sign up? Can I cancel before paying?

Yes! There is a free 30-day trial where you can test out TurboTenant yourself. You don’t need to give your credit card to start the trial, and you can cancel at any time.

Do I have to pay per property I manage?

Nope! Unlike the other guys out there, TurboTenant is the same flat monthly or annual price no matter how many properties you own or manage.

Why does the application fee range from $35-$45?

There are two screening report options available. The first is the TurboReport which is $35 and includes a credit and criminal background check. The second option is the TurboReport PRO which is $45 and includes an eviction report in addition to the credit and criminal background check.

What if I want to pay for the application fee myself as the landlord?

The most common practice is for the landlord to pass that cost on to the tenant, but landlords can opt to pay this themselves when screening a tenant. This often happens when a landlord has already collected an application fee or if there are application fee restrictions that apply to the property.

When does the renter pay the application fee?

Renters pay when they apply to the property – this allows you to seamlessly get all their information and run a credit, criminal, and eviction check without having to coordinate payment at a later time. If you aren’t looking for an application but still want to screen a tenant, the tenant will pay the fee when they verify their identity for the screening report.

Join 300,000+ independent landlords that choose TurboTenant to streamline how they manage their properties.