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We Have You Covered Under Texas Rental Laws

In the spirit of “Don’t mess with Texas,” our Texas rental application is designed to be as thorough and reliable as possible. It has been developed by a team of skilled lawyers and experienced landlords, ensuring that your rental application meets all the necessary requirements outlined by Texas rental law. With our comprehensive application, you can have the peace of mind knowing that it covers a wide range of crucial elements specific to Texas, such as:

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Rental Applications Online

Customize and Send an Online Rental Application

Our online applications will help you streamline your entire property management process. Pre-screen your leads, invite them to apply via text or email, and easily screen them without requiring a social security number. All in one place, all online, from any device. 

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Standard Rental Application Form

Download a Printable Rental Application Form PDF

Rental applications help landlords better evaluate tenants. This downloadable rental application PDF template shows you the questions that every rental application should ask. We also recommend screening tenants with thorough credit reports, criminal background checks, and eviction reports.

Rental Application Form For Texas Landlords

Show Me the Money

In this section of the rental application, the applicant provides their employment information and income situation including:

When you receive this information in your screening report, we make it easier to know when you need additional proof of income with our Income Insights tool. Premium Plan users can quickly verify applicant-reported income against data from TransUnion. 

Texas Landlord-Tenant Law Guide

Get to know important landlord-tenant laws in Texas, and find state and city-specific resources so you can stay on top of your landlord duties.

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