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In this Be A Better Landlord episode, we’re tackling property tax appeals. A successful appeal lowers the assessed value of the property, resulting in reduced property tax payments. This can be a significant
April 16, 2024
In this episode of Be A Better Landlord, real estate agent, and consultant Erin Spradlin sits down with Krista to share the ultimate tips for real estate investors, from how to decide which
The recent National Association of Realtors (NAR) settlement has caused a stir in the real estate world, and while it primarily impacts home sellers, there could be some indirect effects on rental property
March 26, 2024
This episode tackles the complexities of marijuana in rentals. We break down recreational vs. medical use, navigate federal vs. state laws, and explore potential property damage and legal issues. Learn how to craft
In this episode of Be A Better Landlord, Krista is joined by guest Tim Emery, Co-Owner of Invest Success, who shares invaluable insights into exterior maintenance for landlords and property managers.
March 12, 2024
Want to become a real estate investor, but you’re not sure how? TurboTenant’s comprehensive ebook breaks down everything you need to know to start your landlord journey – from finding a rental to
In this episode of Be A Better Landlord, Krista is joined by guest Tim Emery, Co-Owner of Invest Success, who shares invaluable insights into interior maintenance for landlords and property managers.
February 27, 2024
It’s that time of the year again—tax season! In this episode of Be A Better Landlord, we’re diving deep into tax deductions for Landlords. Whether you’re a seasoned property owner or new to
In this episode of Be A Better Landlord, we tackle the intricate issue of holdover tenants. What happens when a tenant overstays their lease, neither renewing their contract nor vacating your property? We
February 13, 2024
In this episode of Be a Better Landlord, we’re pleased to welcome real estate guru Tim Emery, Co-Owner of Invest Success. Tim shares invaluable insights on the importance of fostering a sense of
As a landlord, dealing with lease violations can be tough. But knowing how to handle them is key to maintaining your property and relationships with tenants. In our latest episode of Be A
January 30, 2024
In this episode of ‘Be A Better Landlord’, we are joined by Kayla Mahoney, a Commercial Real Estate Advisor from Capital Property Group, to discuss the topic of 1031 exchanges.
In this episode of Be A Better Landlord, we’re tackling the booming electric vehicle market and what it means for you as a landlord. With a staggering one million EVs sold in the
January 16, 2024
Bed bugs, the tiny terrors that feast on your tenants’ blood and your sanity, are a nightmare no landlord wants to face. But fear not! In this episode of Be A Better Landlord,
In this episode of Be A Better Landlord, Krista and Jonathan talk through some best practices for furnishing mid-term rental units. They delve into who the tenants of these types of rentals typically
January 2, 2024
As a landlord, ensuring the safety and security of your tenants is of utmost importance. Security cameras can be an effective tool in achieving this, but it’s crucial to understand how to use
In this episode of Be A Better Landlord, we’ll tackle the tricky territory of tenant bankruptcy: what it means for you, your property, and your rental income. Don’t let tenant bankruptcy blindside you!
December 19, 2023
In this episode of Be A Better Landlord, Krista and Jonathan break down common signs of rental fraud, the different types of common scams, and overall scam prevention so that you can feel
In this episode of Be A Better Landlord, Krista and Jonathan tackle the tough topic of the public perception of landlords. They’ll explore why landlords are often seen in a negative light, discuss
December 5, 2023
In this episode of Be A Better Landlord, Jonathan and Krista dive into the debate of whether or not to allow tenants to have pets in their rental units. They weigh the pros
As a landlord, you have a responsibility to provide your tenants with a safe and habitable living environment. However, there are also instances where you may be held liable for the actions of
November 21, 2023
Breaking a lease can be a stressful situation for both tenants and landlords. Tenants worry about the financial implications and potential damage to their credit score, while landlords are concerned about finding a
Golden handcuffs are a term used to describe a situation in which someone is financially bound to a job or investment, even if they are unhappy with it. This can be a particular
November 7, 2023
ADUs, also known as granny flats or in-law units, are smaller, independent residential units located on the same property as a single-family home. They can take various forms, from converted garages to standalone
Mold is a common problem in rental properties, and it can pose a serious health risk to tenants. As a landlord it’s important to be aware of the dangers of mold and to
October 24, 2023
Phrogging is a terrifying new crime trend in which a stranger secretly lives in someone else’s home without the homeowner’s knowledge or consent. Phroggers often enter homes through unlocked doors or windows, and
Squatter’s rights, also known as adverse possession, is a legal doctrine that allows a person to gain ownership of land by occupying it for a certain period of time without the owner’s permission.
October 10, 2023
Hoarding disorder is a mental health condition that can make it difficult for people to get rid of possessions, even when they are worthless or dangerous. If you have a tenant with hoarding
A mid-term rental is a rental property that is typically rented for a period of 1-9 months. This is in between the length of a short-term rental (such as a vacation rental) and
September 26, 2023
Owner financing is a creative financing strategy that allows property investors to buy property without a traditional mortgage. In this episode of Be A Better Landlord, Krista and Jonathan discuss how owner financing
Short-term rental bans are becoming increasingly common in cities around the world, as local governments grapple with the challenges and benefits of this growing industry. Bans are often motivated by concerns about housing
September 12, 2023
It is essential to have amazing rental property photos if you want to market your rental property effectively online. In this episode of Be A Better Landlord, Jonathan shares some tips from his
Homeowners Associations (HOAs) get a bad rap. In this episode of Be A Better Landlord, Jonathan and Krista talk through the good, the bad, and the ugly aspects of HOAs in order to
August 29, 2023
This week on #BeABetterLandlord, Seamus and Krista break down the pros and cons of #HouseHacking and provide five simple steps to get started.
Krista and Seamus discuss the latest White House statement on landlord laws this week on Be A Better Landlord.
August 15, 2023
Navigate tenant deaths as landlords with empathy and legal knowledge. Krista and Seamus discuss handling belongings, debts, and security deposits.
Discover Seamus’s expert strategies for finding and accommodating new tenants in this episode of Be A Better Landlord.
August 1, 2023
Explore the process of purchasing a rental property and evaluating deals. Krista interviews Seamus on his property investment journey and strategies.
Discover expert tips for handling maintenance requests as a landlord. Learn how to strengthen tenant relationships and navigate repairs effectively.
July 18, 2023
Unlock the secrets to successful property listings and tenant qualification in this episode of Be A Better Landlord. Expert advice for landlords.
Master the five crucial steps of the eviction process with Krista and Seamus on Be A Better Landlord. Landlord-tenant law insights and more.
July 4, 2023
Get insights on finding and teaming up with maintenance professionals. Receive expert advice on property management and rental laws.
Join Samantha and Seamus discussing Emotional Support Animals. Understand landlords’ concerns and how they distinguish from pets and service animals.
June 20, 2023
Join Krista and Seamus exploring Section 8 and the Housing Choice Voucher Program. Get valuable insights for successful property management.
Uncover the vital role of tenant screening with Samantha and Seamus. Gain property management insights in ‘Be A Better Landlord’ series.
June 6, 2023
Learn the essentials of crafting a rental application with Samantha and Seamus in the debut episode of Be A Better Landlord.

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