How To Build a Landlord Community with Tim Emery

February 13, 2024

In this episode of Be a Better Landlord, we’re pleased to welcome real estate guru Tim Emery, Co-Owner of Invest Success. Tim shares invaluable insights on the importance of fostering a sense of community amongst landlords. Learn practical strategies on how to build your landlord network, as Tim unravels the key benefits of collaboration and mutual support in the rental market. So get ready to enhance your landlord journey and unlock new opportunities with our expert guide.

Key Points Discussed

  • Building Community: Tim articulates that at its core, building a community is about facilitating a space for knowledge and experience exchange among real estate investors. He stresses that while a plethora of resources exists, direct advice sharing within a community is unparalleled.
  • Benefits of Joining a Community: Access to a diverse range of experiences allows landlords to navigate their projects with greater ease and efficiency, learning from the collective successes and challenges of their peers.
  • Invest Success and The John Fisher Breakfast Club: Tim recounts his journey with Invest Success and the John Fisher Breakfast Club, emphasizing the importance of these platforms in offering consistent networking and learning opportunities for investors.
  • Advice for Building a Local Community: Starting with a foundational group and maintaining consistency in meetings and communications are key. Active engagement of all participants enhances the community’s vitality.
  • Value of Giving Back and Leadership: The conversation underscores the need for community leaders to prioritize providing value over personal gain, fostering an environment of support and shared learning.
  • Invest Success: Tim provides an overview of Invest Success’ offerings, from hands-on real estate investing education to networking events, illustrating a comprehensive approach to community building in the real estate sector.


The discussion offers valuable perspectives for landlords and real estate investors aiming to either build or integrate into a community. Through Tim Emery’s expert lens, the profound benefits of a well-structured and engaging community in the real estate investing landscape are brought to light. Invest Success stands as a testament to the impactful model of education and support a community can provide.

Learn more about Tim Emery & Invest Success.

Video Transcript


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