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Simple, stress-free rental marketing that gets you in front of qualified tenants. And it's FREE for landlords!

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Place your rental on the top listing sites

Enter your listing info in one place and get found on Zillow, Trulia, Hotpads, Facebook Marketplace, and dozens of other sites within minutes. The fact is landlords using TurboTenant average 22 leads per property!

Zillow, Hotpads, and Trulia charge landlords in Colorado, Florida, and Oregon. Paying to post on Zillow, Hotpads, and Trulia is optional if you are in those states. Other listing sites are still free.

Lead Tracking on The Go

Easily manage all of your leads from any device

Gather all your leads in one place. Easily see who’s interested and find their information quickly. You’ll stay organized from your computer, tablet, or phone. 

All the Marketing Tools You Need

Even if you’re a first-time landlord you’ll have the same tools as the big property management companies.​

have your own professional listing page

Eye-Catching Listing Page

TurboTenant’s listing page will make your property stand out to renters. Your listing brings together photos, a description, the location, and a list of amenities to make your place look great.

pre-screen any interested renters

Automatic Pre-screening

With all the potential tenants interested in your property, don’t waste time on any leads that are obviously not a good fit. That is why we automatically ask each lead about their move-in date, household size, pets, employment, and more.

post to craigslist

Easy Craigslist Posting

We make it easy to professionally post to Craigslist so your property stands out. You log in to Craigslist and then copy and paste in the personalized ad we provide – no retyping necessary.

TurboText Messages

You don’t have to make sure every renter you meet gets a flyer or business card. Enter their phone number, and we’ll automatically text them a link to your listing page so they have all the info they need, wherever they are.

Professional Flyers

Automatically print your own professional flyer in one click! Hand them out at showings and post them around town so your property gets maximum exposure in the local community!

TurboTenant for rent sign

"For Rent" Yard Signs

With our yard signs, your property will catch the eyes of people passing by and increase the number of inquiries with family and friend referrals around your neighborhood!

TurboTenant made it easy to market my property and then manage every lead that came in. I will never use anything else!


San Diego, CA

Great connectivity with other platforms makes multi-location marketing a breeze. Very user-friendly.


Colorado Springs, CO

Easy to use and ideal for me as a small investor. It keeps me organized. On my first property, I had over 200 leads.


Matthews, NC

Join 200,000+ landlords who self-manage their property with TurboTenant.

It’s never been easier to advertise your property, screen potential renters, and move-in a great tenant – all on your own.