Add a Video Tour to Your Property Listing

Skip the time and hassle that come with in-person showings. Add a video tour to your property in TurboTenant to fill your rental even faster.

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Take Your Landlording to the Next Level

Including a video tour in your property marketing will help streamline the rental process:


Enhance Your Property Marketing

Go to your Properties tab in your TurboTenant account to add your video tour. Don’t have an account yet?

1. Record Your Tour

All you need is your phone! Read here for tips and guidance.

2. Upload Your Video

Make a YouTube or Vimeo account and upload your video tour.

3. Add Video Link

Copy and paste in the video link under Property Details.

Need a little extra help? Read this detailed guide on uploading a video tour.

Video Tour FAQs

Do I have to add a video tour in TurboTenant?

The video tour feature is optional for your property listing – adding a tour will only enhance and help your property marketing to stand out from others.

Is it free to upload a video tour?

It is free – there is no fee to add a video to your listing and as long as you use a free uploading site, such as YouTube or Vimeo, you won’t have to pay a dime.

Do I need to have recording equipment to make a tour?

No – as long as you have a smartphone you can easily record and upload your video tours. Read here for tips on recording a great video tour.

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