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drug test personnel extending drug test cup to tenant

Can a Landlord Require a Drug Test?

Tenant screening is a crucial element of any rental property business. A detailed look into an applicant’s criminal, financial, and eviction history gives landlords insight

landlord using automation to help manage properties more efficiently using their laptop

Property Management Automation Guide

Property management automation eliminates time-consuming, repetitive tasks and delegates mundane chores to software, freeing up a landlord’s most valuable asset: time.  For example, rather than

landlord handing over the keys after reviewing rental screening report

Best Tenant Screening Services in 2024

Utilize top tenant screening services in 2024 for clear, unbiased assessments, helping landlords make informed decisions and mitigate financial risks.

landlord uses his landlord app to manage propeties on the go

The Best Landlord App in 2024

We reviewed three top landlord apps, analyzing key features to identify the best for managing tasks remotely and enhancing efficiency.

tenant looking at dishwasher that needs repair while on the phone with his landlord

Property Maintenance Software in 2024

Explore the top property maintenance software options that help landlords manage repairs, stay law-compliant, and safeguard their reputation efficiently.

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