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Want to become a real estate investor but not sure how? TurboTenant’s comprehensive ebook easily breaks down everything you need to know to start your landlord journey – from finding a rental to moving in tenants. 


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Find loan options available for you

What are your financial goals and how can you afford your first investment?


Implement your best rental set-up

Should you invest in a fixer upper or home hack to get someone else to help you pay the mortgage?


Utilize software to make your life easier

How can you use TurboTenant to find a tenant, collect rent, and keep rental management simple?

You're one step closer to earning
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In real estate investing, there is always more to learn. That’s why I tune into TurboTenant’s educational [content].

– Mark B., Aspiring Real Estate Investor 

Learn about investing in a comprehensive, simple format.

This book breaks down the process of becoming a successful real estate investor, from buying a property to moving in tenants and generating passive income.

Choose your own adventure by either downloading the entire ebook (coming soon) or picking up the chapters that align with your journey.

  • Calculate your financial freedom number
  • Learn to build your savings
  • Create an action plan to make your dreams happen
  • Discover how to get your finances in top shape for lending
  • Understand the various loan types available (and what works for you)
  • Connect with a reputable lender
  • Define your investing “buy box”
  • Evaluate different types of neighborhoods
  • Uncover strategies to find your perfect rental
  • Protect your investment with easy updates
  • Add a reliable handyperson to your team
  • Make the most of your curb appeal to net better tenants
  • Learn to take pristine rental pictures
  • Discover how AI can write your listing description in moments
  • Leverage free tenant screening tools
  • Solidify your arrangement with a professional lease agreement
  • Bolster your lease with four quick clauses
  • Understand what you owe your tenants before handing over the keys
  • Make rent collection simple with free online tools
  • Outline your maintenance management strategy
  • Track your expenses for optimal tax deductions come April
  • Capitalize on your landlord-tenant relationship without feeling sleazy
  • Streamline move-out day with insider tips
  • Learn to make the most of a vacant rental

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