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Lease agreements can be as different as Chicago is from Springfield. As an Illinois landlord, you’ll love customizing your lease to include unique clauses about your rental property. 

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Did you Know? In the State of Illinois

There are three different lease agreements for you to choose from as a landlord in Illinois, depending on where your rental property is located — one for the City of Chicago, one for Cook County, and a general State of Illinois one.
Did you Know? In the State of Illinois… It is legally allowed for Illinois tenants to deduct the costs of landlord-responsible repairs from rent, but the amount cannot exceed $500. (765 ILCS 742).
Illinois landlords are required to pay back the tenant’s security deposit (or what remains of it after withholdings for damages) within 45 days. (765 ILCS 710).
Landlords must include tenant utility responsibilities in their lease agreement, specifically the cost of gas or electric heat. (765 ILCS 740).
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