Content Creators at TurboTenant

Our team of expert content creators is passionate about delivering actionable insights to landlords. With diverse industry experience, they provide valuable resources, keeping you abreast of the best practices in property management to ensure your success.

Ava Johns

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Ava is the Digital Marketing Specialist at TurboTenant where she manages outreach efforts and coordinates TurboTenant's presence at events across the country, while also writing content to educate rental property owners. Before TurboTenant, Ava managed communications for a veterinary association where her team worked to pass Veterinary Technician Regulation in Colorado. With a unique background in local policy and non-profit communications, Ava is excited to apply her experience to help landlords strengthen their professional relationships with tenants and self-manage their rentals better.

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Jeanne Sanford

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Jeanne Sanford is the Paralegal at TurboTenant where she uses her experience to make sure all leases, forms and help center articles are up to date with the latest laws and regulations impacting our landlords. Jeanne brings 25+ years of legal experience to TurboTenant in the areas of research, landlord-tenant law, real estate, data and privacy, business and employment law. Before joining TurboTenant, Jeanne worked at the City of Fort Collins and supported the Legislative Review Committee which oversaw and supported legislative initiative. This experience helps Jeanne keep the product up to date on all new legislation that will impact the rental industry. When she’s not at work, Jeanne enjoys spending time with her 3 daughters, hiking the Rocky Mountains and using the other side of her brain as a watercolor artist.

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John Martin

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John is the Director of Product Marketing at TurboTenant, where he leads a team focused on helping landlords realize their dream of self-managing a thriving rental portfolio. Before joining the TurboTeam, John joined and helped grow PetDesk, a company that brought state-of-the-art communication software to veterinary clinics across the country. Always interested in markets and the decisions people make to invest or purchase something, John is always excited to bring the best-built solutions for some of the hardest problems people encounter anywhere. When he's not at work, you can find John fly fishing in the mountains of the Front Range in Colorado.

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Jonathan Forisha

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Jonathan is the Director of Education and Community at TurboTenant, where he leads a team dedicated to helping landlords provide a more welcoming rental experience while they grow their portfolio of rental properties. Before joining the TurboTeam, Jonathan co-led marketing efforts at The CE Shop, and his team was responsible for creating over 1000 pieces of content for real estate agents across the country. He’s been the recipient of awards by the Content Marketing Institute, and has also previously worked as a freelance photographer, videographer, and once worked on a reality show where a woman slapped her boyfriend with a fish.

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Kati Velazquez

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Kati Velazquez is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at TurboTenant, where she works behind the scenes to help provide self-managing landlords with the best software on the market. Leading with curiosity, Kati enjoys speaking to landlords to understand their pain points and develop solutions that empowers them to manage and grow their portfolios. Before joining the TurboTeam, Kati cut her teeth as a local newspaper reporter, regularly covering topics like business and real estate. Outside of work, you’ll probably find Kati at one of the many live music venues in Colorado catching a show — or at home snuggling up with her dog, Hank.

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Krista Reuther

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Krista Reuther is the Senior Content Marketing Writer at TurboTenant where she writes data-driven, actionable material to help landlords and renters alike. With decades of writing and editing experience, she’s produced top-quality content across various industries, including real estate, SaaS, and survey design/implementation.

Before TurboTenant, Krista worked at The CE Shop, editing scores of educational blogs, webinars, newsletters, and ebooks full of real estate agent education. Making difficult topics accessible and underscoring the importance of interpersonal relationships is a top priority for Krista. When she's not helping landlords and tenants, she's an avid poet, an aspiring chef, and an amateur comic.

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Ryan Squires

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Ryan Squires is a seasoned SEO content writer at TurboTenant, where his expertise in crafting engaging, optimized content significantly contributes to the company's mission of simplifying property management for landlords. With a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of SEO strategies, Ryan ensures that TurboTenant's digital presence resonates with its target audience, providing valuable insights and resources to help landlords manage their properties more effectively. His work not only enhances the company's visibility online but also empowers users with the knowledge to navigate the complexities of property management with ease.

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Seamus Nally

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Seamus Nally is the CEO of TurboTenant and a landlord of several residential properties in upstate New York and Colorado.

With a professional background in Product Management, Seamus is not just a proven builder of great products but also a cultivator of exceptional teams. His leadership with the talented team at TurboTenant has transformed the brand into the leading all-in-one platform that empowers landlords to seamlessly and confidently self-manage their rental properties.

Leveraging his years of property management experience and extensive startup knowledge, Seamus is a strong leader of the TurboTenant team and an industry trailblazer.

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