TurboTenant vs Appfolio: Which Landlord Software is Right for You?

TurboTenant vs. Appfolio: Which Landlord Software is Right for You?

A great landlord software can mean smooth sailing for you, your rental property business, and your bottom line. And luckily for you, nowadays there are a ton of software solutions available to streamline your investment portfolio. However, with a long list of potential platforms to choose from, choice paralysis can kick in and make an impactful decision even more challenging. 

Keep reading as we dive into the key differences between TurboTenant and Appfolio so you can choose which landlord software suits your unique business needs. 

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1) Type of Landlords Served

One of the biggest differences between Appfolio and TurboTenant is each platform’s specialization with different-sized portfolios. Appfolio has a 50 unit minimum, making their platform more exclusive and only an option for landlords with a large portfolio. On the other hand, TurboTenant has no unit minimum or maximum, and has the ability to serve landlords of all sizes. 

While a more exclusive property management software might appeal to you as a successful landlord, it’s important that your software solution is capable of taking care of any type of investor since the more landlords that are a part of a platform’s community, the larger community you’ll have access to for education, networking, and asking questions. Also, in the circumstance that you decide you want to pare down your portfolio, you won’t have to go through the trouble of switching platforms. 

2) Cost

TurboTenant and Appfolio have two very different pricing structures. Appfolio has a bit more of a complicated pricing structure with two different paid plans and pricing tiers based on the number of units you have. 

TurboTenant offers both a free and Premium subscription, making it easy to get acquainted with the software before making any financial commitment. Under the free subscription, TurboTenant landlords can market their property, manage leads, track expenses, and use other property management tools

TurboTenant’s Premium subscription, which comes out to just $119/year for an unlimited amount of units, offers all the essential and bonus property management features you’ll need, including: 

  • The ability to connect an unlimited number of bank accounts
  • Expedited rent payouts
  • Automatic income insights for potential tenants
  • Unlimited state-specific lease agreements
  • Lease addendums
  • E-signature capabilities
  • The Ultimate Landlord Forms Pack

Conversely, for their most basic subscription, Appfolio charges $1.40 per unit, per month, with a $280 monthly minimum. At just the minimum unit number, your annual total for the core subscription comes out to a whopping $3,360. And that’s just for the base features offered by Appfolio. In addition, there is no free subscription for Appfolio, meaning you cannot peek into the product prior to fully committing.

3) Tenant Relationship

Investing in a great tenant-landlord relationship means continuing to improve the success of your rental property business. Awesome tenants means consistent on-time rent, a respected and clean rental, and a lot of sweat off your back as a landlord. That’s why it’s important to make sure your landlord software of choice is accommodating to the tenant experience as well as the landlord’s. 

Aside from their accessible tenant portal, TurboTenant offers instant tenant messaging, rent reporting, automatic tenant check-ins, renter resources, renter’s insurance, and flexible payment options through Lvble. These resources make it easy to proactively address issues with tenants and to support them in their own financial journey. Not only does TurboTenant help make your tenants happier, but they also strive to educate landlords on how to communicate with tenants and navigate challenging situations. TurboTenant will make sure that you never have lingering questions about how to build a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship with your tenant. 

Appfolio also advertises a robust tenant portal, an easy way to instantly communicate with tenants, and renter’s insurance, but falls short of rent reporting and automatic tenant check-ins. Plus, they don’t have the same dedicated mission to improving the landlord-tenant relationship that TurboTenant has. If you’re spending money on software, why not ensure that they’ll recognize the impact of a great tenant relationship?


If you want an inclusive, all-in-one property management software that supports your rental business, choose TurboTenant instead of Appfolio.

TurboTenant is ready to support any size rental portfolio with transparent and affordable pricing. The platform dedicates personalized attention to provide every landlord with the essential features needed to run a successful and smooth rental business. Plus, their mission to improve the tenant-landlord relationship will give you a unique advantage to boost your bottom line and shrink your vacancy cycle.

All claims are a result of an industry-wide audit done by our in-house team. If we missed something or have provided incorrect information, please let us know at [email protected].

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