TurboTenant vs Avail: Which landlord software is right for you?

TurboTenant vs. Avail: Which Landlord Software is Right for You?

In order to maximize your rental property management business, you need to use the best tools at your disposal, which means finding landlord software that meets your unique needs. But with so many options available, it can be overwhelming to figure out which platform to use.

In this blog, we’ll outline the differences between TurboTenant and Avail to help you determine which platform is best suited to streamline your operations based on three critical factors.

1) Cost

As a small business owner, building your arsenal with cost-effective tools is critical. And if you’re looking to scale your property management business, you’ll have to think ahead while finding the right deal for your bottom line today.

While both TurboTenant and Avail offer free features, their paid plans are vastly different.

TurboTenant Premium only costs $119/yr and allows you to manage an unlimited number of properties, expedite your payments, run comprehensive income insight reports on each tenant application, and gives you unfettered access to a comprehensive Landlord Forms pack, among a host of other business-building benefits.

And the best part? TurboTenant won’t penalize you for strong business growth, meaning you can expand your rental management empire to include however many properties you want and still pay only $9.92/mo for all of the Premium features.

On the other hand, Avail’s premium subscription costs $7/unit/mo, or a minimum of $84/yr for one unit. If you have just two units, you’ll owe Avail a whopping $168/yr.

In this industry, being able to scale without breaking the bank is crucial, and Avail’s pricing model could hinder your growth down the line.

2) Comprehensive Rental Marketing

The best way to get your rental property listing in front of qualified leads is to market your property online. Specifically, the goal is to market your property across the most popular listing sites for the quickest and best chance at filling your vacancy. As all real estate investors know, extended vacancies hurt your bottom line and can negatively impact your cash flow. 

TurboTenant automatically syndicates your rental to more than 50 popular rental property marketing platforms while Avail only pushes your listing to 20 total sites. The more visibility the better, so it’s important that your property management software of choice has the bandwidth to market your rental property as successfully as possible. 

Not only will TurboTenant efficiently and effectively market your property, but with their new, innovative artificial intelligence (AI) property listing feature, they will even create your listing for you. After entering minimal information about your rental, TurboTenant’s AI feature will generate a unique and eye-catching listing for you in under five seconds. TurboTenant will professionalize your marketing efforts while giving you back your valuable time by taking over this essential property management task.

Currently, TurboTenant is the only landlord software to release an AI property listing feature and Avail has no option to further streamline this process. Marketing your rental property well is a no-brainer, so why not go with a software that will take care of this task for you?

3) Landlord Community

The best way to continue to improve your property management business is to never stop learning. And who better to learn from than your peers? 

TurboTenant not only offers robust property management features, but also has created an interactive landlord community among their over 550,000 landlords. TurboTenant landlords can join their private Better Landlords Facebook group, where the floor is open for questions to your peers, other real estate experts’ go-to landlord tips, and even the opportunity to post anonymously to the group. 

In addition to their virtual platform to connect with other landlords, TurboTenant also hosts monthly TurboTalks. TurboTalks serve as an engaging discussion with fellow landlords on hot topics such as Section 8 or Emotional Support Animals. Only TurboTenant landlords are invited to join these discussions, ensuring complete privacy and expert advice during the event. Check out their education page for more information on upcoming TurboTalks. 

Finally, TurboTenant releases a weekly newsletter designed by landlords, for landlords. TurboTenant’s weekly newsletter, TheKey, is intended for real estate veterans and newcomers alike and covers important industry news, answers to all your common landlord questions, a weekly community question, and more information-rich materials.

Currently, Avail does host a community forum on their website that is available to the public. However, they do not host any live community events or release a weekly newsletter tailored for landlords. If you’re committing your time and energy to a landlord software, it’s a huge benefit to know that you’re receiving free education and resources beyond just the tools included in the platform, which you won’t get with Avail.


If you’re looking for a robust, all-in-one property management solution built for landlords by landlords, choose TurboTenant instead of Avail. TurboTenant’s platform can scale with your business without breaking the bank and helps you continue to improve your property management business, to provide great service to your tenants while boosting your bottom line.

All claims are a result of an industry-wide audit done by our in-house team. If we missed something or have provided incorrect information, please let us know at [email protected].

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