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Make Rent Collection Convenient, Professional, and Easy

You’re running a business, not collecting money from friends. Professionalize how you collect rent with TurboTenant’s landlord-focused software.

Unlike Zelle, Venmo, or other payment methods, you’ll get automatic payments, late fees, receipts, and reminders — for free. 

You’re running a business, not collecting money from friends. 

Unlike Zelle, Venmo, or other payment methods, you’ll get automatic payments, late fees, receipts, and reminders — for free. 


Everything You Need to Manage Your Rental

Make rental management easier and have ready-to-go tools for every step of your landlord journey.

Get in front of more eyes with less effort.

Collect answers to industry-standard questions.

Receive comprehensive background & credit checks.

Easy to create, send, & sign. Available in all 50 states.

Convenient tracking, auto late fees, & receipts.

Spend less time accounting & more time investing.

Manage expenses, docs, maintenance requests, & more.

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Simplify the Way You Get Rent

Integrated Rental Accounting

Automatically sync your TurboTenant rent payments with our comprehensive accounting software. Learn more.

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Made Just for Landlords

Other software charge landlord fees, have payment limits, don’t offer Autopay or auto late fees, and provide little to no customer support. We do the opposite.

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Easily View Payment History

Keep a clear “paper trail” of all payments made with our exclusive Payments Dashboard. A record system can simplify year-end accounting and help resolve any disputes.



Collect Rent Online: Free for Landlords
(and Most Tenants)

With TurboTenant, rent collection is fee-free for landlords. Your tenants only incur a cost if they pay by credit or debit card.

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ACH (Bank Transfer)


For both you and your tenants

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Credit or Debit Card

Convenience fee for tenants

Software You Can Trust

TurboTenant landlords have collectively received more than $400 million through our platform. Learn how you can get paid faster with our Premium Plan subscription.


Unlike Venmo or Zelle, TurboTenant is built for landlords, by landlords.

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Depending on your bank, Zelle can limit the amount of money your tenants can send to $1,000 per day or $5,000 per month. It puts a real damper on collecting a deposit and first month’s rent both at the same time.

Venmo charges small businesses, like landlords, a 1.9% fee for each transaction. You don’t need that cutting into your bottom line.
Ever worry that you’re sending money to the right person on Venmo? Mix-ups are common. And it’s especially risky when it’s a security deposit and first month’s rent ending up in a stranger’s account.

Come tax season, you don’t want rent payment line items alongside your friend paying you back for dinner.

Your tenants just paid you a lot of money. They deserve to know you got it.

In some states, once a renter pays you any amount, you may not be able to evict them. Giving renters your Venmo user name could cause problems if things go south.

Tired of remembering to send late fee charges? Want to offer your tenants a way to put their payments on autopilot? Venmo and Paypal don’t offer these services — we do.

Need accounting software that automatically syncs your transactions and rent payments? Ours is easy to set up directly in your account.

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Convenient and easy to use for both renters and landlords!

1 Property Landlord
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I like the automatic receipts, not having to deposit a check, and being able to track everything in one place.

3 Property Landlord
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The best things are that it’s free and it sends automatic rent reminders. It is simple, and tenants pay more timely!​

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Change the Way You Landlord

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