How to Raise Rent

Learn how to increase your bottom line

Rent payments are key to property management success – but raising rent can feel complicated. This ebook answers key questions, including how to analyze your market and write a rent increase notice.

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How often can a landlord raise rent?

This ebook answers that question, plus helps you:
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Feel confident about analyzing your market and increasing rent

We answer your rent-raising questions to help you maintain legal compliance while keeping your investment profitable.

Rent Increase FAQs

How much can a landlord raise rent?

It depends on where the rental is and the laws therein. In some states, landlords are limited to how much and how often they can raise rent. Other states have no limits on rent increases. 

It’s possible, though that hinges on where you live. In many states, landlords could increase rent by $300 as long as they provide proper notice. 

California’s Tenant Protect Act restricts landlords to annual rent increases of 5% of the current rent plus the local rate of inflation (or 10% of the current rent, whichever is lower).

First, evaluate your property, market, and the services you provide. If your costs are steady, you haven’t added value to the property recently, or you aren’t quick to respond to tenant requests, consider keeping the rent the same. If your costs have increased, you’ve continued to invest in the property, and you’re a responsive, reliable landlord, then examine your market. On average, rent increases by 3-5% annually where legally permitted.

The amount of notice you must give to raise rent depends on where your rental is. Typically, you must tell your tenant of a rent increase 30-90 days before it takes effect.

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