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Manage rentals yourself?
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Help make their passive income, passive.

TurboTenant’s intuitive toolset helps half a million real estate investors streamline their entire rental process for free – whether they have one or 1,000 doors.

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Be the go-to for real estate knowledge – without lifting a finger. TurboTenant answers all the important questions, from estimating target rent to navigating the eviction process.

Check out (or share!) some of our most popular free resources for investors.

Check out (or share!) some of our most popular free resources for investors.

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Brent Duggar
Brent DuggarThe Group, Fort Collins
equal-housing-blackRead More
If you’re a landlord and your plan is self management, TurboTenant simplifies the process. Through the TurboTenant platform you're able to market your property, screen tenants, manage tenants, and even take payments that are directly deposited to your bank account. It’s given me the ability to manage my own rentals vs. hiring a property management company. Oh yeah, I forgot the best part…. It’s FREE for landlords!
Joe Seehusen
Joe SeehusenColorado Home Realty, Denver
equal-housing-blackRead More
As a realtor in Denver, Colorado, we see many buyers building wealth by purchasing investment homes to rent. We always explain that managing the property can be as difficult as you want it to be. You can stress over it or you can simply use TurboTenant as your one stop shop. We point these investors to TurboTenant first and advise them to turn into what all they offer for education and resources.
Kevin Voorhees
Kevin VoorheesKeller Williams Realty, Fort Collins
equal-housing-blackRead More
TurboTenant is a great tool for every aspect of self-managing an investment property. It's easy to use for both landlords and tenants, it saves you time and it's affordable! For everything that goes into self-managing your property, TurboTenant has you covered!
Kayla Mahoney
Kayla MahoneyCapital Property Group, Denver
equal-housing-blackRead More
As a realtor who specializes in working with landlords, I'm always on the lookout for tools that can enhance the rental process both for myself and my clients. TurboTenant has been a remarkable discovery in this regard. It's a platform that has transformed the way I advise clients on renter pre-screening, making it an indispensable part of my professional toolkit.
Mathew Speer
Mathew SpeerLocal Real Estate Advisors, Colorado
equal-housing-blackRead More
TurboTenant simplifies being a landlord from start to finish as a one-stop shop for managing your rental property.

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