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Learn the Best Places to Invest in Your State

The goal of the TurboTenant Reports – The Best Place to Buy a Rental Investment Property – is to help new and existing landlords expand their portfolios with a data-driven strategy. Our TurboTenant Data includes stats on the average number of leads a rental property receives, as well as the average number of days on the market. Using these two data points, in combination with housing and rent trends, has helped us discover great investment opportunities throughout the U.S. Select your state below to see which cities were highlighted.

Methodology - Rental Investment Reports

The city selections for the rental investment reports were taken from a study that evaluated four main factors for each city: employment growth, population growth, increase in home values, and rental yield. Additionally, we used TurboTenant’s proprietary data for the average rent price, the number of rental leads per property, and the average number of days the rental stays on the market.

We also included honorable mentions where applicable. These were pulled from this study on the best places to invest in every state and determined using Zillow’s Buyer-Seller Index and Zillow Home Value Forecast and AreaVibes’ Livability Score. Other methods for determining honorable mentions include using TurboTenant proprietary data to determine which cities return the best rental investment R.O.I. using data points including days on market, the number of leads per property, and average rent price.


Stay on Top of Rental Market Trends

The goal of the TurboTenant Top Rental Market Reports is to help new and existing landlords, as well as renters, understand the rental market trends in their areas. Our TurboTenant Data includes stats on the average number of leads a rental property receives, the average number of days on the market, as well as security deposit trends. We also included data on the average rent price, median sale price, median renter income, and the livability score for each location. You can read our full methodology below.

Methodology - Rental Trend Reports

TurboTenant proprietary data is used to determine the top rental markets in each state. We calculate the average number of days on the market, the number of leads a property receives, as well as identifying security deposit trends for each location selected. Rentometer provides additional data on the average rent price, while median sale price data is supplied by Redfin, a national real estate brokerage. The median renter income is gathered from the U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsAreaVibes provides the livability score.

Guidelines for Using Data:

You are welcome to use any of the data in these reports for your own purposes, we just kindly ask for you to properly cite the source.

An example citing: According to a report by TurboTenant, an online property management software company….

If you have other data requirements, please email [email protected] We have a plethora of data and are happy to supply another data set if it is available.

Rental Investing FAQ

Where is the best place to buy a rental property today?

There is no right or wrong answer on where to invest in rental properties. It is dependent on every landlord, where you want to invest, the types of communities you want to invest in, and if you are willing to be a long-distance landlord.

How do I become a landlord?

If you invested in a rental property and are ready to get started as a landlord, check out our comprehensive guide so you know where to start. If you’re investing as a long-distance landlord, we also have some tips for being a virtual landlord.

Should I invest in short-term or long-term rental properties?

There are benefits and drawbacks to investing in short-term or long-term rental properties. Ultimately, it depends on your goals as an investor. Read here for more information on investing in vacation rentals versus long-term ones.

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