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Creative Advice From 11 of the World’s Greatest Architects

Architects face a variety of challenges in the work they do, from keeping intricate projects organized to bridging the gap between what is beautiful and creative and what is mathematically accurate and structurally sound. It’s a tall order — but the greatest of the great rise to the top because of their ability to maneuver these challenges effortlessly. In this way, architects are excellent role models for what hard work, determination, creativity, and innovation should look like.

If you work a creative and project-oriented job, many of these quotes will likely resonate with the work you do every day. If you’re a landlord or property manager, you can draw inspiration from these amazing architectures on how to spruce up your rental properties, craft better rental applications and attract the ideal tenants. No matter what your creative endeavor is, there’s wisdom to be gleaned from these talented architects from all over the world.

list of portraits and creative advice from 11 architects

As technology advances and new challenges arise in the workplace, some guiding principles remain timeless. While tools, titles, and tasks may change, the demand for creativity, productivity, and a positive attitude will never waver. 

You may even spot some of these qualities in your tenants. You put time and money into your rental properties and work hard to make sure they’re a great place to live, so keep these positive traits in mind while screening tenants. A positive work ethic is a signal that your tenants enjoy their jobs — and ultimately, ensures rent will be paid.

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