Now Available: Verify Your Prospective Renter’s Income with Income Insights

Finding the Right Tenant Just Got Easier

Fraudulent applications are on the rise. More than 12% of applications include fraudulent details like doctored paystubs or faked bank statements. To protect against nonpayment and eviction, it is more important than ever for landlords to double- and triple-check tenant income, even if the renter’s paystubs match your criteria.

Available now to Premium members, Income Insights will help you disqualify renters who submit fraudulent information, and will make you feel more confident about the tenant you choose to move in.

How does Income Insights work?

  1. When you have a Premium Membership and pull a new screening report, you will have the opportunity to view Income Insights. 
  2. TransUnion will cross-reference the renter’s reported income with information reported to the credit union.
  3. The Income Insights findings tells you if their income is estimated to be higher or equal to their reported income, or if it falls short of their reported income. 
  4. You make a better, more confident decision about your tenant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Income Insights check an applicant’s income? 

Income Insights is based on TransUnion’s proprietary model that was verified against a variety of historical income data collected by independent third parties.

The model analyzes the applicant’s self-reported income by using data from the credit report, including an analysis of the types of balances they carry, how much they pay toward those balances, and the amount of money they spend among other factors.

Income Insights compares this credit behavior to the applicant’s self-reported income to determine whether additional income verification is recommended. Income Insights estimates the applicant’s earnings, but doesn’t access their exact monthly or annual income.

Do I need a Premium subscription to use Income Insights? 

Yes, Income Insights is included only with our Premium subscription

Can I use Income Insights on applicants I’ve already pulled a screening report for before I was a Premium member? 

No. Income Insights can only be used on applicants for whom you have not yet pulled a screening report. 

Can I use Income Insights to supplement another screening report outside of TurboTenant? 

No. You can only use Income Insights as part of TurboTenant’s application and screening product.

How long does it take to receive the Income Insights findings?

Your Income Insights report will come with the screening report, so long as you pull that report as a Premium member

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