TurboTenant Featured Midwest City For Affordability & Livability

Featured Midwest City: Affordability & Livability

Ames, IA - A Rising Midwest Town

top midwest city for affordablity

Located almost dead center in the state of Iowa, sits the small and unassuming town of Ames. Upon first glance, you might not take Ames for much more than another Midwestern small town. However, dive into the heart of the city and you will find a thriving, vibrant community. From forward-thinking sustainability plans to a charming cultural district to engaging downtown events, Ames is an appealing place to put down roots for renters and landlords alike. Due to the high level of amenities offered, the affordable cost of living, and the growing economy, Ames is recognized as TurboTenant’s Featured Midwest City For Affordability And Livability. In order to be a featured TurboTenant city, a town must demonstrate a high level of amenities, a one bedroom rental cost of under $1,000, and exhibit a thriving economy.

Ames In Numbers

Average Rental Prices

Ames rent comps

If you are looking to relocate to Ames and you want to rent, the average cost of rental units will be in your favor.

For college students, housing in the Campustown area will provide easy access to Iowa State University. Sharing a 2-4 bedroom home in this area will prove to be the most economical.

For those looking to enjoy the vibrant downtown scene, opting for a rental in this area will make entertainment and nightlife only a short walk away. From single-family homes to apartments, the downtown area offers a variety of affordable options.

If you opt to invest in property in Ames to turn into rental units, the ratio of renters to homeowners means Ames is a prime location for landlords. With less than half of homes being occupied by owners, there are a large number of renters looking for a place to live.

Thriving Economy

The job market in Ames is continuing to grow, creating a healthy economy for those who reside in this city. The University provides an array of job opportunities for the city, with over 15,000 employees. The city also features a rising tech-industry, part of the growing tech movement in the Midwest known as the Silicon Prairie. With average commute times of 15.7 minutes, it is easy to see the increased appeal of starting businesses in Ames.

Premium Quality Of Life

Not only is Ames a friendly location in regards to the affordability of living and the thriving job market, it also boasts a premium quality of life. Not only will you find yourself saving on living costs, you will also find yourself engaging in a uniquely community-focused culture.

During the summer months, take part in the Ames Main Street Farmers’ Market. More than just a location to purchase locally grown produce, baked goods, and hand crafted items, this market is also a community event. Each weekend during the summer the market features live entertainment and children’s activities.

Downtown Ames provides a centralized location for residents to dine, shop, and take part in events for every age. For a quick bite to eat, the Depot Deli & Cookies Etc. provides salads, sandwiches, and made-from-scratch baked goods. For those looking to enjoy a locally crafted brew, Olde Main Brewing Company serves up premium house-made beers as well as delectable bites. From art walks to Oktoberfest, downtown is host to events that appeal to a wide audience.

Near campus, Es Tas Bar & Grill draws in students for their ever-popular Taco Tuesdays. Kick up your feet at Outlaws for a true country western experience. Looking for a new competitive sport to partake in? Brush up on your pool game and join one of the two major billiards leagues in Ames. One such league convenes at the Corner Pocket, with highly competitive matches and the chance for a state tournament.

For those who enjoy the outdoors, put aside images of fields of corn and boring flatlands. Ames provides beautiful trails to run, lakes for fishing, and even nearby Ledges State Park, an outdoor enthusiasts dream. With waterfalls, rocky cliffs, trails, and a beautiful river, this state park is only about 15 miles away from the center of Ames. Ledges State Park, so named for its rock ledge that juts out over the river, provides stunning overlooks and a plethora of outdoor activities. Kayak the river, camp for the weekend, hike the trails or splash in the creek on a weekend trip to this diverse park. Closer to town, head to Ada Hayden, an old quarry turned into a lake. This lake is the perfect place to throw a line in the water, go for a run, or even enjoy a peaceful sunset.

ledges state park ames

Relocating To Ames

Whether you are a renter looking for an affordable but thriving community or you are a landlord looking for your next investment, Ames is worth a visit. With quality amenities, a focus on community, and a thriving rental market, Ames takes the top of the list as our Featured Midwest City For Fun And Affordability.

For those who opt to manage rental properties in Ames, be sure to check out our rent estimate report and other landlord tools.



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