TurboTenant vs. RentSpree: Which Landlord Software is Right for You?

Taking charge of your rental properties yourself not only saves money but also puts you in control of day-to-day management with your tenants. However, managing rentals solo can be quite the task – unless you’ve got a top-notch landlord software to simplify things. In 2024, there’s no shortage of landlord software solutions designed to make your rental business smoother and more profitable. But with so many choices out there, how do you find the perfect fit for your unique rental setup?

To help make this choice a little bit easier, we’ve compiled the key differences between TurboTenant and Rentspree to help you decide which is suitable for your unique rental business.

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1) Administrative Assistance

The life of a landlord comes with a good deal of administrative tasks that can be challenging to manage without a great landlord software to streamline your day-to-day. TurboTenant helps you cut these administrative tasks in half by providing state-specific lease agreement templates and landlord forms to help you navigate challenging tenant communications, automate tenant check-ins, and streamline maintenance requests and condition reports. 

On the other hand, Rentspree falls short in the ability to provide administrative support for your rental business. Rentspree does not have state-specific leases, tenant check-ins, maintenance tracking, condition reports, nor do they provide a landlord forms pack. As a Rentspree landlord, you’ll have to turn elsewhere for a state-specific lease agreement, which can be costly, and build your own external processes for managing maintenance requests, tenant check-ins, condition reports, and communicating with tenants. 

The point of landlord software is to lighten your load, not add to it. Don’t settle for a product that leaves you high and dry when it comes to managing your daily rental management operations. 

2) All-In-One Capability

True all-in-one landlord software helps you rest easy knowing that all your landlord needs can be simplified, automated, and professionalized at the click of a button. In comparison to TurboTenant, it’s clear that RentSpree has a more limited toolset of features. Rentspree offers essential property management features like tenant screening, rent collection, and marketing, but falls short in many other areas like rental property accounting, rental maintenance, and other helpful landlord tools. 

TurboTenant is a true one-stop shop for landlords, ensuring that all your needs are met in one place. TurboTenant’s partnership with REI Hub allows landlords to unlock rental property-specific accounting software to streamline tax season and make the most out of their deductions. TurboTenant also partners with Lula maintenance to give their landlords the option for automated, hands-off maintenance. Lula handles tenant communication, sending a vetted contractor to your property, and tenant follow ups in the event of a maintenance issue. In addition to REI Hub and Lula, TurboTenant has curated a landlord toolbox full of partnerships to further streamline rental management like landlord insurance, home warranties, and even eviction support services. 

Rentspree does not currently have any accounting or maintenance features within their product, again forcing you to look elsewhere to manage these critical aspects of your rental business. Other than the option for API integration with Enterprise, Rentspree does not claim to have any additional partnerships for their landlords to take advantage of. 

3) Cost

The last thing you want is for your chosen landlord software to negatively impact your bottom line. Thankfully, both Rentspree and TurboTenant have free subscription options within their platform. Not only can you cut costs by using a free platform, but you can also create an account and try out the software before making any financial commitment or even inputting a credit card. 

TurboTenant’s free account offers marketing, rent collection, lead management, tenant screening, expense tracking, rental applications, and other helpful property management tools. If you want added bells and whistles like expedited rent payouts, unlimited bank accounts, automatic income insights to verify an applicant’s income, lower application fees, and more, you can upgrade to TurboTenant’s Premium subscription for just $119/year for an unlimited number of doors.

Rentspree’s free account also includes marketing syndication, rent collection, lead management, tenant screening, and rental applications. If you want to upgrade to unlock other features like e-signatures, priority support, customized URLs for listing pages, review showcasing, and more, you’ll have to upgrade to their Pro subscription, which comes out to $240/year.


If you want to boost your business with a comprehensive property management software solution, choose TurboTenant instead of Rentspree. Being able to access all necessary property management features under one login will simplify your life as a landlord and save you time and money. 

Although Rentspree is an affordable option for property management, they lack some essential features to accommodate landlords like state-specific lease agreements, rental property accounting, hands-off maintenance, and other tools to make your life easier. Take burdensome administrative tasks off your back, and choose the most affordable all-in-one software solution with TurboTenant’s property management software built for landlords, by landlords.

All claims are a result of an industry-wide audit done by our in-house team. If we missed something or have provided incorrect information, please let us know at [email protected].

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