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15 Friendly Ways to Welcome New Neighbors to the Neighborhood

Whether a tenant is moving from across town or across the world, being the new kid on the block can be super intimidating. Amidst the stress of moving, a simple act of kindness can go a long way. 

Offering a warm welcome can make people feel more comfortable and connected with their new community. As a landlord, it’s important to make sure your tenants feel welcome in their new home so that you can start your relationship on the right foot. 

Check out these 15 friendly gestures to welcome new neighbors or tenants, so that you can build your relationship as well as an inclusive and inviting community.

1. Briefly Introduce Yourself

The first few days of moving into a new place can be pretty hectic, so don’t expect a long and heartfelt conversation on day one. A smile and wave from across the street or a brief introduction in passing can make someone feel more welcome. A day or two after they move in, it’s appropriate to pop by and introduce yourself. 

A great way to acknowledge new folks and introduce yourself is to leave a welcome tag on their door. This simple gesture invites the newcomers to connect while giving them time to move in and reach back out when it’s convenient for them.

An example of a "welcome to the neighborhood" tag

2. Share Relevant Information

Gaining a sense of the community is an essential part of making people feel like a part of the neighborhood. That’s why newcomers could likely benefit from your tips about the local community. Sharing your knowledge can go a long way toward making new neighbors feel welcome. Here are a few ideas of what to share: 

  • Local services: New residents are likely not familiar with the basic services in the area. Gather numbers and information on local and trusted services around town like lawn care professionals, babysitters, dentists and car repair shops so your new neighbors won’t have to.
  • Local groups: If you are involved in local groups or organizations around town, invite your new neighbors to join! Whether it’s a volunteer program or a fun social group, your new neighbors will appreciate the extended invite.
  • Local attractions: Don’t forget the fun stuff! Include information on local events, restaurants, activities, and parks to check out so your new neighbors can immerse themselves within the community.

To best pass along this info, make an organized list. Use the printable neighborhood cheat sheet below for an easy way to build community.

An example of a neighborhood cheat sheet, which includes things like local services you recommend and fun things to do.

3. Make a Housewarming Basket

While you’re printing out your neighborhood cheat sheet, pair it with a classic housewarming basket. Receiving a thoughtful care package can make someone’s whole day – and you can theme it any way you’d like! Some examples include:

  • A household cleaning kit with all the essentials
  • A self-care basket for those who may be stressed after moving and need some pampering
  • A wine and cheese basket with all the charcuterie goodies provided
  • An aromatherapy gift basket full of cozy candles, essential oils, and room sprays to make their new house feel more like home

4. Offer to Help

Extending a helping hand is another great way to welcome and get to know your new tenants or neighbors. Offer to help them unload boxes from the moving truck or propose running a few errands for them while their hands are full. 

You could get a group of neighbors together to help out as well. This is a nice way to offer a friendly service while allowing everyone in the neighborhood to get acquainted with one another. 

5. Set Up a Kid’s Playdate

If the new neighbors have kids around the same age as your own, offer to set up a playdate at your place. Your new neighbors may be eternally grateful if you can keep their kids occupied while they are trying to move in — plus, making friends is a great way for children to feel comfortable in a new area. If you have a pool, invite the neighborhood kids over for a pool party or break out the video games for an afternoon of fun.

6. Gather Local Takeout Menus

A super simple but thoughtful gesture is to gather local takeout menus for your new neighbors. This allows them some insight into good takeout restaurants around town while simultaneously offering options for an easy dinner while they’re still moving in and organizing their new place.

7. Take a Treat Over 

A classic way to greet your new neighbors is by bringing over a homemade cake or batch of fresh cookies. If you have a favorite recipe, consider making a batch to share to help welcome the newbies to the neighborhood. However, you should be cognizant of potential allergies. If you elect to cook anyway, be sure to include a list of the ingredients for their review. 

A safe bet is to bring over a bottle of wine, champagne, or sparkling juice,. To take the gesture up a notch, add these printable bottle labels to your bottles before gifting them.

Examples of downloadable wine tags with puns. Hello with Merlot is the best.

8. Host a Dinner Party

After a week or so of letting your neighbors get settled in, invite them over for a dinner party at your place. Keep in mind, this is a party, so invite two or three other couples from around the block to join in on the fun. This way, your new neighbors can meet more people. 

9. Connect on Social Media

In this day and age, almost everyone has at least one form of social media. Once you’ve become acquainted with your new neighbors, invite them to connect on social media platforms. This way, you can invite them to join online groups and organizations around your area that are helpful and socially engaging. Plus, a digital connection helps them become acquainted with other people in the community.

10. Make a Meal and Recipe Card

Maybe your new neighbors are senior citizens or a single parent who is juggling moving and the kids on their own. If you love cooking and have a tasty recipe to share, surprise your neighbor with a home-cooked meal to take a necessary to-do off their list. Better yet, write down the recipe on a piece of paper and stick it to the dish so they can enjoy it for years to come. 

11. Put Together a Pet Pack

If you notice some furry friends in tow while your new neighbors are moving in, put together a pet pack full of goodies for them. You could add things like homemade treats and toys from the local pet store that’ll not only please Fido, but your neighbors too. 

12. Gift a Houseplant

If you haven’t heard already, houseplants are the new pets! They are relatively easy to care for and can liven up just about any living space. Brighten up a new tenant or neighbor’s day with a houseplant or low-maintenance succulent planted in a cute pot. 

Don’t forget to add a plant care tag to your potted houseplant so even the blackest of thumbs can have a thriving plant to enjoy. Offering simple tips to help their new plant thrive takes this kind gesture to a whole new level.

An example of a plant care tag, saying "we know you'll flourish here!"

13. Treat Them to a Local Specialty

If your new tenants or neighbors are from out of town, treat them to a local specialty. This is a great way to people what your community is known for and give them a taste of the local cuisine. 

Whether you give locally sourced honey and jams, baked goods from a popular bakery, or a gift card to a family-owned restaurant down the street, your new neighbors will appreciate the thoughtful gesture. 

14. Share Your Garden

There’s nothing more neighborly than sharing your garden with those around you. Gifting your new neighbors with a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables or a pot of freshly picked herbs will not only fill their hearts, but their stomachs! If your garden consists of flowers, arrange a beautiful bouquet to help spruce up their new home while filling the air with a light and fresh scent. 

15. Be Respectful

Some people are friendlier than others, so respecting your new tenant’s privacy and space is crucial for a good relationship. Despite your best efforts, some people won’t be as receptive to your friendly gestures and that’s okay. 

If you end up having new tenants or neighbors that are private people, show them kindness while respecting their privacy. A simple smile and “hello” while passing each other on the sidewalk will do just fine. 


From acts of service to kind gifts, these kind gestures are great ways to welcome new neighbors to the neighborhood. If you’re a landlord, consider using one of these ideas to help welcome your new tenants into their new space. To find the perfect tenant for your property, use our rental application and tenant screening services.

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