How to Setup Rent Payments with TurboTenant

March 10, 2022

Built specifically for landlords, our online rent payments provide easy tracking, automatic reminders, and receipts, plus your tenants can pay by credit card

Step 1: Set Up Your Automatic Rent Payments Learn how to initiate the process by setting up automatic rent payments effortlessly within the TurboTenant platform. Say goodbye to manual rent collection and hello to convenience.

Step 2: Set Up a Monthly Charge See how easy it is to establish a recurring monthly charge for your rental property. This user-friendly feature ensures that rent is collected consistently, reducing the likelihood of late or missed payments.

Step 3: We Remind Your Tenant to Pay Discover how TurboTenant takes care of sending timely payment reminders to your tenants, ensuring that they stay on top of their rent obligations.

Step 4: They Automatically Receive a Receipt Tenants can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with automatically receiving digital rent receipts for their records. No more manual paperwork or tracking needed.

Step 5: You Receive Their Payment Finally, experience the convenience of receiving rent payments directly through the TurboTenant platform. Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional rent collection methods.

TurboTenant’s Automatic Payment System is designed to simplify the rent collection process, making it a win-win for both landlords and tenants. Watch our video to see how easy it is to modernize your rental property management today.

Video Transcript

Set up your automatic rent payments

Set Up a Monthly Charge

We remind your tenant to pay

They automatically receive a receipt

You receive their payment 


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