April 26, 2023

During this comprehensive webinar on using TurboTenant for property management, attendees were taken through a structured walkthrough designed to showcase the platform’s extensive features, pivotal for both novice and experienced landlords. The session was detailed and interactive, covering the following key areas:

  1. Introduction to TurboTenant: Highlighted the significance of TurboTenant in streamlining property management processes, promising valuable insights for effective tenancy management.
  2. Creating a Property and Listing: Demonstrated how users could quickly add a property and create an attractive listing within minutes, emphasizing the system’s efficiency in attracting potential renters.
  3. Managing Leads: Focused on handling potential tenants who express interest in listings. Attendees learned to navigate through leads effectively, ensuring timely responses and engagement.
  4. Rental Application and Screening Report: Guided attendees through the rental application process, including how to review a comprehensive screening report, assisting landlords in making informed tenant selection decisions.
  5. Creating a Lease and Lease Agreement: Clarified the difference between creating a lease and formulating a lease agreement, underlining the necessity of legal documentation in formalizing rental arrangements.
  6. eSign Process: Simplified the digital signature process, portraying how leasing documents could be signed digitally, streamlining document management and reducing paper use.
  7. Rent Payments: Explored setting up and controlling rent payments via TurboTenant, showcasing the platform’s capability to facilitate secure and straightforward rent collection.
  8. Reviewing the Tenant Portal: Offered insights into the tenant portal, which allows tenants to easily access their lease details, submit rent payments, and manage maintenance requests, enhancing tenant-landlord communication.
  9. Q&A Session: Provided an opportunity for attendees to clarify doubts and gain further insights on specific topics discussed during the webinar, reinforcing understanding and application of TurboTenant’s features.

TurboTenant’s structured interface for property management significantly aids in optimizing the rental process—from marketing and lead management to lease signing and rent collection. Whether managing one property or multiple, landlords are equipped with tools to professionally manage their rental with greater ease and efficiency, making TurboTenant an invaluable asset in their property management toolkit.

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