Section 8 + HCV Programs in 2023 | A TurboTenant Webinar

A TurboTenant Webinar
August 25, 2023


Welcome to our comprehensive webinar on the Section 8 and Housing Choice Voucher programs, aimed at addressing the critical need for affordable housing in the U.S. This session covers a range of topics, from program overviews to eligibility criteria, and ends with a Q&A segment.

Agenda Overview

  • The need for affordable housing
  • Types of housing programs
  • Eligibility and demographics
  • Benefits and drawbacks
  • Frequently asked questions

The Affordable Housing Crisis

Our discussion starts with highlighting the nationwide shortage of over 7 million units of affordable housing, emphasizing the urgency and necessity of programs like Section 8 and Housing Choice Vouchers.

Understanding the Impact

We delve into the impacts of this shortage, showing how it worsens over time, especially for households earning below $75,000 annually.

State of Extremely Low Income Renters

Analysis reveals California has the highest number of extremely low-income renter households, with Wyoming having the least, illustrating the variances in housing crises across states.

Introduction to Section 8 and Housing Choice Vouchers

This segment introduces the specifics of the Section 8 program, including laws surrounding source of income discrimination, and considerations for landlords contemplating participation.

Navigating Section 8 Applications and Tenant Selection

We guide landlords through the process of joining the Section 8 program, from contacting the local Public Housing Authority to property inspections and tenant selection.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Participation in Section 8 offers benefits like guaranteed rent payments and reduced vacancy rates, but also presents challenges such as HUD standards compliance and potential delays in payments.

Addressing Common Questions and Concerns

In this segment, we address frequently asked questions, debunk myths about Section 8 tenants, and discuss eviction processes for lease violations.

Thank you for attending the TurboTenant webinar on Section 8 and Housing Choice Voucher Programs 2023. Check your emails for additional resources, and join our community discussions for ongoing support.

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