Idaho Eviction Laws

Eviction Laws

Idaho eviction laws give the following reasons for evicting tenants.

Reasons for Eviction in Idaho

Notice to Vacate

The landlord must provide:

  • A 30-day notice to vacate for the end of the lease term.
  • A three-day notice to vacate for illegal activity.

Notice to Comply

The landlord must give:

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Serving the Tenant

Notices can be served by handing a copy to the tenant or posting it on their door. Complaints must be served to the tenant by a process server.

Tenant Possessions

Idaho eviction laws state landlords must store abandoned property for 90 days and post a notice at or near the rental premises notifying that the property will be disposed of if not claimed within that time period. The landlord can charge reasonable storage fees if the tenant comes to claim their property.

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Eviction Timeline

Below you’ll learn the average timeline for a complete eviction in Idaho. This projected timeline could change based on the complexities of your specific case.

Typically, the Idaho eviction process takes between two to three months.

How to Start the Eviction Process in Idaho

Serve or post your notice to vacate or comply.

How to Stop the Eviction Process in Idaho?

The tenant can pay the rent owed or cure the lease violations. On the other hand, the landlord can file FED action with the court to stop eviction proceedings.

How Long is the Eviction Process in Idaho?

On average, the Idaho eviction process takes between two to three months.

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