Top Rental Markets in New Hampshire

Top Rental Markets in New Hampshire

The top rental markets in New Hampshire are Manchester and Nashua.

The TurboTenant Report includes analysis of the average number of leads per property, the average number of days on market, average rent price, median sale price, median income, security deposit trends and livability score.  

New Hampshire Rental Trends: 

New Hampshire is located in New England and has an economy based off of insurance, electronics, and science – along with no sales or income tax. Property investors will be able to find the perfect rental that will yield them a strong ROI. Here are some highlights from the top rental markets in the Granite State. 

Days on Market: 

The city with the lowest days on market is Nashua at 10 – under the national average which sits at 15 days; Manchester has the highest number of days on market at 13.


The top two towns for the largest amount of leads per listing are over the national average which sits at 38. Here they are:

  • Nashua – 103 leads per listing
  • Manchester – 66 leads per listing

Average Rent: (2 bedroom listings)

With the national average rent at $1,207 for a two-bedroom, Manchester comes above that with the lowest average rent of $1,478 for a two-bedroom compared to the highest rent in New Hampshire at $1,511. 

Median Home Sale Price:

According to data from Redfin, which is a national real estate brokerage company, the national median home sale price sits at $306,000. New Hampshire’s highest median sale price comes above that at $310,000 in Nashua with its lowest median sale price at $253,000 in Manchester.

Median Income: 

New Hampshire’s median income rings in at $51,040 – above the national average at $48,500.

Security Deposit Trends: 

Security deposits have both risen and fallen in New Hampshire’s cities between 2018 and 2019. With the largest being an increase of 17.73% in Manchester at $1,295, and the largest decrease at -17.46% in Nashua with the current average at around $1,300 – above the national average for security deposits which is $1,200.

Livability Score: 

All of New Hampshire’s cities have a livability score of 63 or higher with the highest being Nashua at 74!

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Whether you’ve found the best investment property in these top rental markets, or somewhere else, TurboTenant can help streamline your rental process with easy and free online rental applications as well as thorough tenant screening so you can find the best renter for your property.


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