TurboTenant vs. Baselane: Which Landlord Software is Right for you?

Landlord software will elevate your rental business by simplifying your daily administrative tasks, improving your landlord-tenant relationship, and ultimately saving you money. In 2024, there’s a plethora of unique landlord software solutions available to help you streamline your business, so how do you know your chosen software will provide you with all the necessary tools to manage your rental for an affordable price? 

To help you make a more informed decision, we’ve highlighted the main distinctions between TurboTenant and Baselane. Keep reading for valuable insights.

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1) Comprehensive Rental Marketing

Savvy investors know filling vacancies with quality tenants as soon as possible is the key to steady cash flow and protecting your bottom line. The first step to finding qualified tenants is to market your property on popular platforms across the internet with a quality rental listing. When choosing landlord software, solid marketing is one the most important benefits they can offer. 

TurboTenant syndicates to over 50 of the most popular marketing sites such as Apartments.com, Redfin, Apartmentlist, and more. On average, landlords receive 28 leads per TurboTenant listing, and are generally able to find a qualified renter in less than 30 days. Plus, TurboTenant has further simplified marketing for rental property owners by releasing an AI Property Listing Description feature. In addition to TurboTenant’s surplus of educational resources to assist you with marketing your property, their new AI feature will curate a unique and attractive listing title and description for you in less than five seconds. 

Baselane does not offer any marketing services to syndicate your property to popular sites, help you easily craft a listing, nor to create any sort of online property listing. If you choose Baselane, you’ll have to outsource marketing capabilities to be able to get your rental in front of qualified renters.

2) Administrative Assistance

Property management comes with a surplus of daily administrative tasks to juggle, like protecting you and your tenant with an airtight lease, screening potential applicants to make sure your investment is protected, and working through various other forms to ensure you’re doing your due diligence. An awesome benefit that comes with robust landlord software is the ability to streamline these administrative tasks. 

TurboTenant handles all the lease creation work for you by offering all 50 state-specific lease agreement templates, updated regularly by their legal team. It’s easy to purchase a one-off lease for $59, but landlords looking to conduct business across multiple states, or with several properties, can benefit from subscribing to their Premium plan for only $129/yr. TurboTenant’s Premium plan offers unique bonus tools in addition to unlimited lease agreements and addendums, such as their Landlord Forms Pack, expedited rent payouts, in-depth income insights for screening potential renters, and more. 

TurboTenant also offers a pre-screener for landlords to vet potential applicants, an online rental application, and document storage within your profile to make your life as a landlord as easy as possible. 

Baselane does offer 50 state-specific lease agreements through their partner Rocket Lawyer. However, they do not have landlord forms like Condition Reports and Cash for Keys Agreements, a digital rental application, tenant screening services, or document storage within your account.

3) All-In-One Capability

It’s clear that Baselane has a limited toolset compared to a more all-in-one property management solution like TurboTenant. Baselane offers unique financial services for rental property owners like free rent collection, rental accounting, and a high yield savings account tied to your Baselane account, but they don’t offer any of the other essential property management services. In addition, to be able to use any part of their product, each landlord is required to either open a savings account on their platform or begin collecting rent through their software. 

On the other hand, TurboTenant offers a full suite of property management features for landlords to manage all aspects of their rentals, including comprehensive financial features like collecting rent and rental property accounting. Additionally, TurboTenant landlords can create a free account and don’t have to commit to any aspect of their product like rent collection or marketing to be able to access the full software’s capabilities. TurboTenant provides the benefit of being able to create an account and play around in the software prior to making any sort of financial or impactful commitment, and their free plan is free forever for landlords. 

Baselane landlords will have to turn to other platforms or services to market their property, screen tenants, create rental applications, and manage their tenants. This could complicate your rental management process due to having important documents and information spread across multiple platforms, and any small business owner would tell you that multiple logins and tools will only cause a headache.


If you want to boost your business with a comprehensive property management software solution, choose TurboTenant instead of Baselane. Being able to access all necessary property management features under one login will simplify your life as a landlord and save you time and money. 

Although Baselane offers attractive rental property financial features, TurboTenant offers  great rent collection, industry-leading marketing tools, and comprehensive rental property accounting tools. Make it quick and easy to find tenants and manage the different administrative tasks of landlording by opting for TurboTenant’s all-in-one solution built for landlords, by landlords.

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