Kentucky Eviction Laws

Kentucky Eviction Laws

Reasons for Eviction in Kentucky

  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Violation of lease terms
  • No lease or end of lease

Notice to Vacate

If the lease is ending, the landlord must provide a 30-day notice to quit for both month-to-month and yearly agreements.

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Notice to Comply

The landlord must give:

Serving the Tenant

  • Notices to quit or vacate can be given to the tenant in person or by mailing a copy to the tenant by regular (or certified mail).
  • Complaints and summons must be served to the tenant by the Sheriff via:
    • Handing a copy to the tenant
    • Leaving a copy with a family member
    • Posting a copy at the rental premises AND mailing a copy to the tenant by first class mail

Tenant Possessions

There are no Kentucky eviction laws around the disposition of abandoned property. That said, best practices would be for the landlord to send a written notice detailing items left and give the tenant reasonable time to come and collect the property. If the tenant does not claim the property, then the landlord can dispose of the property how they see fit.

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Eviction Timeline

Below you’ll learn the average timeline for a complete eviction in Kentucky. This projected timeline could change based on the complexities of your specific case.

Typically, the Kentucky eviction process takes between three to six weeks, or longer depending on the court’s schedule.

How to Start the Eviction Process in Kentucky?

Serve your Notice to Comply or Vacate. The complaint and summons must be served to the tenant at least three days before the hearing date.

If the tenant doesn’t show up at the hearing, the judge may issue a default judgment in favor of the landlord and then a writ of restitution will be issued within seven days. The tenant may appeal within seven days of the date of the judgment.

During an appeal, the eviction process is on hold until the court rules in favor of the landlord.

Tenants must move out when the judgment is entered for the landlord before the writ is executed within seven days. If not, the Sheriff will forcibly remove the tenant.

How to Stop the Eviction Process in Kentucky?

Tenants can cure the violation, which may include paying past-due rent.

How Long is the Eviction Process in Kentucky?

An eviction can take three to six weeks or longer depending on the court’s schedule and the circumstances.

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