Tools to Find the Perfect Tenant

Tools to Find the Perfect Tenant

A respectful, long-term tenant can make the difference between steady revenue and losing revenue on vacancies. However, finding that perfect tenant can cause many headaches, especially if you’re using old-school methods like print listings, manual background checks, and DIY applications. 

So, how can you simplify your road to a great renter? 

Luckily, finding an exceptional tenant in 2023 can be easier than ever – if you’re using the right tools with TurboTenant. Leveraging a simple application process, quick verification of an applicant’s income, and efficient marketing syndication will simplify your tenant search – resulting in more leads faster. 

Let’s dive into these digital gadgets, plus other helpful tips.

Find Your Perfect Tenant
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Easy, Accessible Rental Applications

There’s nothing that deters potential tenants more than a difficult application process.

Ensure that there are no barriers between a great tenant and their ability to apply for your property by using TurboTenant’s online rental application. Online applications are accessible and preferred by most renters – especially younger tenants. 

Not only will your online application look professional and be easy to fill out, but you’ll be able to review applicants more efficiently in one place. 

Did You Know?

With TurboTenant's Premium plan, you can make your rental application even more attractive to potential tenants with competitive application fees.

Verify Your Tenant’s Income in One Click

Unfortunately, bad actors have easy ways to fake pay stubs and employment verification. Be proactive when screening your tenants and double check their income. With TurboTenant’s Premium Income Insights feature, the fear of fake income information can be avoided through comprehensive reports from TransUnion. 

Missing out on your monthly rent can be stressful and detrimental to your rental’s return on investment – let technology do the work for you and feel confident that your new tenant won’t miss a beat on their monthly rent. 

Get Your Listing in Front of Renters Online Faster

Tired of creating multiple listings for one rental to advertise across different platforms? Still posting your vacant properties in the newspaper? 

Save your precious time and use TurboTenant to create one listing that will be pushed across popular platforms such as Redfin,, and more.

Ready to fill your vacancy and have quicker access to the best tenants? Skip the line and push your properties across dozens of major listing sites in less than 48 hours with TurboTenant’s Premium subscription. Having higher priority for your listings can get your rentals in front of potential tenants’ eyes sooner than your competition.

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